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Tips To Keep The Home Secure In Winter

Winter’s colder temperatures and shorter days can provide a number of opportunities for break ins.

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Whether you’re heading to bed early or still at work as the sun goes down, burglars may be tempted by a greater number of inactive households.

Protecting your home should be a priority year-round, however during winter it is especially important to take the following security precautions to minimise the likelihood of break ins. These precautions also help to allow you to feel cosy this winter, and not in a constant state of alert.

Check, maintain and install outdoor sensor lights

Break ins can be an easier task in the dark, or where visibility is minimal. Inspect your home for potential hiding spots or places where visibility is limited, paying particular attention to points of entry like doors and easy-to-reach windows. These are key areas to install sensor lights, which will turn on automatically when movement is detected. This can significantly deter burglars who hope to operate in the safety of darkness. If your home is already equipped with outdoor sensor lights, it is important to check the bulbs and ensure they still function properly, and to repair or replace them if they are faulty or ageing.

Address your perimeter and remove security risks

Homes may be more likely to experience break ins if they are easier to approach. Weakened perimeters and elements that obstruct a view to the street can be taken advantage of. By taking stock of your existing boundaries, you can highlight areas of weakness and take action to resolve them. Gaps in fencing, for example, should be filled and any damaged fence panels replaced. Similarly, if you have an inadequate garden wall then this will need attention – robust hedging and garden plants should be trimmed to prevent opportunities for burglars to hide.

Update your smoke alarms

While heaters help provide comfort during winter, their increased use can increase the risk of fire. If you haven’t checked your smoke alarms recently, now is the time.

Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of the home and on or near the ceiling of every corridor leading to a bedroom. On levels without bedrooms, smoke alarms should be installed in the path of travel that people would likely take to evacuate the building. Be sure to replace old batteries and test your smoke alarms to ensure they still function.

For added peace of mind, ADT Security can install compatible smoke alarms that integrate with your monitored home security system, allowing ADT Security’s response centre to send a notification to your phone if the smoke alarm is triggered. This ensures you are alerted about a potential fire regardless of whether you are inside the home or away. ADT also provides a visible reminder on the alarm panel when the battery needs changing.

Stay comfortable with ADT interactive security

Thanks to modern security solutions, the threat of a winter break in is significantly reduced with a home security system you can monitor anywhere. The ADT Interactive Security App allows you to arm and disarm your home security system directly from your smart device, whether it be an Android or Apple device. This allows you to switch on alarms and monitoring devices if you forgot before leaving the house, remotely preventing the chance of falling victim to an opportunistic break in attempt.

Winter’s cold may not deter crime but understanding the risks and taking the proper precautions can ensure the home stays safe and comfortable.

For more security tips, visit our website www.adtsecurity.co.nz or call us on 0800 111 238 to arrange a professional home security assessment by our team of licenced professionals.


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