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Remotely arm or disarm your security system, control lights, thermostats and cameras from the palm of your hand. Find the right ADT App for your home today.

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ADT Mobile App Features

Use your ADT App to control your security and home automation from anywhere, every day. Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Home Security

Whether you're at work or on holiday, your ADT app helps you stay connected and in control of your home.

Arm and disarm alarms, monitor every camera and get real-time alerts on the go.


Easily access all the information you need in one place with your personalised dashboard display.

From your system’s status to live weather conditions, quickly access your most-used features at a glance.

Control Lights

Transform your home into a smart home. Your ADT Security App brings all your thermostats, lights and sensors together on one, robust platform.

Control your lights remotely to reduce energy, welcome visitors when you're away, or cycle them on and off to make it appear you're home.


With notifications from the ADT Interactive or Smart Connect App, you'll get instant alerts triggered by specific events.

Receive custom notifications depending on what you want to monitor like if you've forgotten to lock a door or window.

Live Stream Video

Check your kids have arrived home safely from the palm of your hand with 24/7 live video monitoring.

View live video clips from any security camera on your property and get critical insight into what’s going on in real-time.

Video Clips

Automatically record every time your front door opens, pool lights turn on or movement is detected in areas there shouldn't be.

Based on the actions you set, you can access and download recorded clips of up to 30 seconds.

Home security app

Seamless and stress-free

ADT Interactive

Enjoy next-level convenience and control your home with confidence. Seamless and stress-free, the easy-to-use ADT Interactive App allows you to manage all of your security and smart home devices effortlessly. Designed for everyone, ADT Interactive features an intuitive interface and simple, streamlined settings for everyday protection.

older couple using interactive app on ipad

ADT Mobile App Advantages

Streamline your home with the ADT Interactive or Smart Connect App for intelligent, intuitive protection. Adjust lights, lock your garage door or arm and disarm your home security system on the go.


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Are ADT Apps free?

Yes, existing customers can download either the ADT Interactive or Smart Connect App for free via the Apple App Store or Google Play and use their login credentials to access their system.

Note: Both ADT Apps require a compatible system and service plan. Feature availability varies based on system, equipment, and service plan.

What does the ADT app do?

The ADT App enables remote control access of all of your home security and automation systems by using your phone or smart device.

Whether it's video monitoring, energy management, home automation, or intruder detection – you'll receive real-time email, text messages, and push notifications for the specific events that matter most to you. Other features include setting Geo-fences, scenes, garage door controls, thermostat settings and more.

How do I set up the ADT App?

Installation is designed to be quick and straightforward with in-app prompts guiding you on how to make your account and ensure your ADT home security system is properly installed.

If you need help, our friendly team can provide set-up support and answer any questions you have along the way.

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Can I control my ADT alarm system from my phone?

Yes! The ADT Smart Connect and Interactive Apps let you use your phone to control all of the home security devices connected to your ADT security system including house alarms and cameras.

If your ADT system includes home automation, your other smart home devices can also be controlled, accessed and viewed via your smartphone.

What notifications can I set up on the ADT app?

Every home has different needs, which is why both apps are designed with customisation in mind. Based on your personal preferences, you can receive a push notification for when:

  • You forget to lock doors or arm your alarm system before leaving for work or vacation
  • A security system is disarmed (and who disarmed it)
  • Someone attempts to log into your account
  • Guests arrive or leave your property
  • There’s flooding or a water leak in your basement
  • Your kids open your medicine or liquor cabinets
  • Someone changes your thermostat settings
  • You've left lights and appliances activated for extended periods

Is the ADT app secure?

Yes, both apps come with two-factor authentication, which requires users to provide two different forms of identification to verify themselves when they initially log in on their mobile device.

This request is only required once per device and provides a higher level of security than a one-time password or PIN.

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