Business Video Surveillance

Commercial CCTV cameras provide an invaluable way to deter crime while keeping your employees, customers, and assets safe. Send a strong message that nothing goes unseen and achieve total peace of mind with the unwavering surveillance of ADT's security cameras today.

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ADT Business CCTV

Crystal clear video footage 24/7

Capture criminal activity in crisp 6MP footage, 3x clearer than standard high-definition security cameras.

Ensure no moment is missed with up to 160 terabytes of storage, motion detection and colour night vision capabilities.

Remote access

Protect your business in real-time with remote viewing via the Mobile App.

Monitor multiple locations simultaneously, check in on assets and intercept intruders from the palm of your hand.

Complete customisation

Discover flexible, scalable security solutions with ADT's CCTV systems.

From combining wired and wireless cameras to integrating access control systems, get a bespoke, multi-location set-up that tackles your industry's unique challenges.

Reliable recording

Supporting as many cameras as needed, our motion-activated, CCTV surveillance runs on a closed, reliable system for continuous recording.

CCTV equipment

Never miss a moment.

A CCTV system gives you the power to record valuable evidence of shoplifters and trespassers automatically, safeguarding your business against the unexpected.

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Business CCTV Installation

Professional installation

As leaders in the security industry, ADT has set up CCTV security systems for thousands of businesses across New Zealand.

Whether you want to install a single camera for small business security or a large-scale commercial security system — we'll be in and out quickly with minimal disruption.

Effortless integration

Every business is different, which is why our CCTV camera systems are designed with customisation in mind.

From upgrading with professional monitoring to configuring existing fire alarms, ADT will design your security solution to suit your specific business requirements.

Tailored assessment

When you choose ADT, our security consultants will conduct a personalised site inspection of your premises.

We'll work with you to ensure your CCTV cameras deliver complete, high-definition coverage where you need it most.

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Business CCTV Systems FAQs

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What's the difference between CCTV and video surveillance?

CCTV camera systems transmit their footage through wired or wireless data networks straight to a monitor either locally or in a remote location.

Video surveillance systems, on the other hand, are typically not wire-free and require an ethernet cable to transmit footage which can then be stored for later access.

Do all CCTV cameras need Wi-Fi?

CCTV has been around since long before the internet. Most don't need a Wi-Fi connection and will function when connected only to a recorder box. However, there are some benefits to connecting your CCTV security system to your Wi-Fi network.

For starters, it allows you to use the Mobile App for real-time, remote monitoring so you can view any incident as it occurs. Our app technology also makes it easy to configure each security camera based on your specific needs.

Do I need CCTV cameras if I have an alarm system?

Adding CCTV video surveillance to your business's other systems contributes heavily to the comprehensive security ADT strives to provide.

CCTV technology supplements existing security systems and alarms with additional functionality that runs on a separate secure network to a standard business alarm system.

What are the best security cameras for businesses?

Commercial CCTV systems can improve security problems in various ways, so it's important to find one that matches the needs of your business premises exactly.

To choose the best cameras for your business, you'll want to consider a range of factors including price, image resolution, durability, storage options and ease of installation. Also, evaluate the benefits and need for additional features like night vision, sirens, strobe lights or pre-recorded voice messages.

Whether you're interested in dome cameras, wireless solutions or integration with your existing security system, our experts will talk you through your options and help you create the perfect security solution.

How many surveillance cameras do I need for my business?

The number of security cameras you need depends on the size and layout of your property. Generally speaking, you should budget for anywhere from 10 to 64 cameras, although this varies depending on individual circumstances, and the size and complexity of the business premises.

ADT's security experts will help you reduce the need for an excessive amount of security cameras, by prioritising CCTV footage in high-security areas like key entry points or locations where customers, employees or valuable data and equipment need protecting.

Can a business release CCTV footage?

Yes, businesses can release the footage from their security camera systems, but doing so is subject to privacy laws and regulations. For example, shops and offices are often required to provide notice that customers are under surveillance and recording footage.

They may need to use clear signage throughout the premises and install cameras in clearly visible locations. Legal requests, the nature of the camera footage, and the purpose of release are also factors. Consulting legal professionals and having clear policies are advised.

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