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As ADT's premium package, our Smart Home Security Systems transforms your property into an intelligent, responsive environment by combining the latest security technology with home automation.

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A smarter, safer home

An Automated Security System integrates key surveillance systems like alarms and cameras with your everyday smart devices to create a connected and intuitive space that adapts to your needs.

Automated security

Arm and disarm your property from anywhere with AI-powered security you can set and forget.

Smart technology syncs with your daily routine, so you can enjoy a personalised security experience every day.

Smart home automation

Simplify your lifestyle, automatically. With customisable triggers and scheduling, home automation takes care of everyday tasks like locking doors or turning on your lamps.

24/7 monitoring

All ADT Home Security Systems are monitored 24/7 by our Security Response Centre.

When your system is triggered, our team will immediately contact you, your designated emergency contacts, or emergency services.

GEO services

Automatically adjust your smart lighting based on your phone's location to save energy while you’re away.

With push notifications, you’ll always know if you’ve forgotten to lock the door or arm your system.

Live video

Whether you're home or away, gain access to live video footage and stay updated with what’s going on at your property from the palm of your hand.

Mobile device compatible

Control your home automation and security on the go with the ADT App. Easy-to-use and compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Automated security product

Connected and protected, always

Benefits of smart home security systems

Complete customisation

Our smart home security systems are designed with customisation in mind. Our experts will help tailor your setup and can integrate smart locks, voice control, sirens, and sensors to suit your needs.

Wi-Fi technology

Smart home solutions are easy to install. We can connect up to 16 cameras effortlessly by connecting to your home broadband.

Never miss a moment

Automatic alerts and motion sensors are invaluable for intercepting intruders and anticipating danger. Receive real-time footage of any events triggered by your smart security system so you can take action early.

Professional installation & support

ADT's specialists have installed smart home security systems for thousands of homes across New Zealand. Before leaving, our experts will ensure everything works correctly and help set up your Mobile App.

Added layers of protection

From smoke alarm alerts to remote-controlled lighting — automated home security redefines how you can protect your property and loved ones.

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Home Automation FAQs

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What is home security and automation?

Home security and automation is the integration of advanced technology to enhance the safety and convenience of your living space.

By combining security features like surveillance cameras, alarms and sensors with smart devices, a smart home security system allows you to easily control various aspects of your home with ease.

How much does a complete home automation system cost?

The cost of a complete home automation system can vary widely depending on the features and complexity you're looking for.

A basic system might start around a few hundred dollars, but more comprehensive setups with advanced features can run into several thousand dollars. It really depends on the number of devices you want to automate and the level of integration you choose.

Are home automation systems worth it?

This will largely depend on your lifestyle, budget, the size of your home and desired features.

While there are a range of security solutions on the market, Home Automation Systems are considered higher-end due to their compatibility with smart home technology and 24/7 professional monitoring. For this reason, ADT's Home Automation Systems are ideal for those seeking a greater level of control and accessibility.

How do I contact ADT NZ?

If you have any questions about our products or services or need customer support - we're always here to help.

Whether you're a new or existing customer, simply give us a call and our friendly team will provide assistance every step of the way.

All Enquiries – 0800 111 238

If you are calling from outside New Zealand – +64 9 580 9700

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