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Investing in commercial security is a big step for your business, but it doesn't need to be complicated. From product selection to set up, we'll create a security system you can use with total ease and confidence.

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Is it worth installing a security system for a small business?

Yes, in order to protect your company's data, assets, and employees, it is important to have a security system professionally installed. It's well established that larger companies demand extensive protection, which is why smaller businesses are often considered easy targets for criminal activities.

At ADT, we understand small business security isn't just about keeping a watchful eye over your premises — it's a way to safeguard your hard work and dreams.

Whether it's an alarm system, access control, camera or professional monitoring, ADT's business security systems help small business owners alleviate pressures and focus on what matters: their bottom line.

Can I install my own security system?

While ADT's home security solutions are easy to DIY, commercial properties often require a more extensive set-up with sophisticated alarm monitoring, numerous cameras and access control points as well as integrated security solutions.

For this reason, installation for commercial security requires a strategic design to ensure every component of your system is installed correctly, minimising the risk of errors and expensive mistakes.

Plus, ADT will help you make the most of your equipment by optimising the positioning of each camera and configuring your alarm systems for maximum coverage.

How do I choose a commercial security system?

All businesses are exposed to crime, but potential threats and risk factors will vary depending on your industry and location. For example, a corner store will benefit from a standard alarm system combined with commercial CCTV while corporate and industrial sites like a warehouse or office may require access control systems to prevent unwanted visitors.

We recommend starting by listing out all the potential risks for your property like camera blind spots in public entry points and how your assets are currently protected. From motion sensors to external sirens or fire alarms, the ADT team will work with you to evaluate which features match your security needs.

Can ADT re-install my CCTV system if I move locations?

Yes! Our expert technicians specialise in reinstalling and relocating your business security system with precision, ensuring that your new premises is fortified from day one.

With ADT’s quality moving service, our professionals will seamlessly transition your existing security camera system and re-configure it to suit its new location.

What camera systems do businesses use for security?

Businesses commonly use wired and wireless camera systems for security. Choosing the best cameras for your business will depend on your specific needs and infrastructure preferences.

Wired cameras offer reliable, constant connectivity and are ideal for fixed installations whereas wireless cameras provide greater flexibility and easy integration with existing infrastructure.

Does ADT offer quality maintenance services?

Yes, in addition to providing installation with our security services, ADT works to scheduled maintenance plans for all of our products. However, the optional Quality Maintenance Program gives you the added peace of mind of knowing your system is exceptionally well maintained on a regular basis.

Technicians routinely inspect and test it in accordance with appropriate standards to keep it operating at maximum efficiency and identify when an upgrade may be needed.

What is the difference between security cameras and CCTV security systems?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, and it's a broader term that includes security cameras as a component. Security cameras refer specifically to the devices that capture and record video footage for security purposes.

Commercial CCTV surveillance systems encompass a complete system that includes CCTV cameras, recorders, and monitors, all connected in a closed circuit.

So, in simple terms, a security camera is like an individual soldier, while CCTV camera systems are the entire army, including the strategy, communication, and coordination.

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