Large Commercial Security Systems

Custom business security solutions at any scale

Are you looking for a comprehensive business security system to protect your customers, employees, information, and products? Take the guesswork out of enterprise security with ADT monitoring and security solutions.

Feel safe with customised commercial security solutions. Our tailored and cost-effective solutions are suitable for any scale of organisation, able to take on security issues for a single office building to a multi-location enterprise network.

ADT provides total coverage for all aspects of commercial security, including state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 monitoring services. Whether you’re looking for an integrated system or individual components, ADT has the perfect solution for you. With our advanced network of home and business automation products, you can rest assured that your property is safe and secure at all times.

With access control systems, wireless cameras and fire warning systems, ADT helps organisations across New Zealand be secure from theft and trespass.

Enterprise Access Control Systems

Prevent security threats from even entering your business with an access control system that keeps track of who has access to your property across locations. Denying unauthorised access entirely is the best enterprise security solution for securing private data. With keypads, motion sensors and intercoms, you can be sure that only authorised personnel can enter your premises.

ADT’s comprehensive range of access control systems also includes panic buttons and security management tools that provide full system control with an easy-to-use interface. Enable branch provisioning and employee permissions to ensure security risks can be quickly managed at any scale.

Commercial security alarm systems

A reliable alarm system is a must-have for businesses of any scale. ADT’s commercial security alarms provide 24/7 monitoring for your home or business, with a host of security features such as smart sensors, motion detection, alarm monitoring, and remote arm/disarm capabilities.

Cut down on false alarms with an alarm system that utilises new artificial intelligence technologies to detect potential hazards. When tripped, the alarms alert our monitoring centre. From there, designated authorities are contacted to take appropriate action.

Commercial security cameras

The ADT alarm system is at its best when working in conjunction with other security systems. Combining your alarms with a video surveillance system that utilises CCTV and Wi-Fi cameras to create a comprehensive solution capable of dealing with a wider range of threats than any singular security method could handle.

CCTV security system

With a CCTV system, you can monitor the area around your premises and capture any suspicious activity with images and videos. ADT’s cutting-edge security cameras are compatible with both indoor and outdoor surveillance, to protect your business from theft, vandalism and other threats.

Wi-Fi cameras

ADT’s Wi-Fi Cameras let you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere around the world. With night vision capabilities and the ability to detect movement, you will always be aware of any potential threats to your business. Utilise remote viewing capabilities with the ADT app, giving you and any branch managers peace of mind with the ability to view live footage of the premises on the go.

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