Commercial Security Solutions

Are you looking for a comprehensive business security system to protect your customers, employees, and assets? Take the guesswork out of enterprise security with a custom-built commercial security solution from ADT.

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Commercial security solutions

Our security systems

Large commercial systems

Tailored to your security needs, our premium solutions are suitable for any scale of organisation from a single office building to a multi-location enterprise network.

Enterprise access control systems

Prioritise staff safety and asset protection with the latest in intruder detection technology.

Keypads, motion sensors and intercoms work together to guarantee only authorised personnel can enter your premises.

Commercial security alarms

Enjoy total peace of mind with an AI-powered, professionally monitored business alarm system.

Cut down on false alarms with features such as smart sensors, motion detection and remote arm/disarm capabilities.

Business surveillance cameras

Protect your business and keep a watchful eye over your entire premises from anywhere in the world.

ADT's cutting-edge security cameras are compatible with both indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance and run on a reliable system for continuous recording, even during connection loss.

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ADT helps safeguard government buildings across New Zealand and Australia with integrated security solutions such as Grade A1 monitoring, certified monitoring solutions, wireless or IP-based alarms, CCTV surveillance and video management systems or a guard and patrol dispatch service.

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Banking solutions

Due to our robust and multi-layered approach, ADT is a prominent name in electronic security for leading financial institutions all over the world.

Secure sensitive information and transactions with cutting-edge data encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), fraud detection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security solutions.

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Transport solutions

Keep up with evolving regulatory compliance while driving efficiency, deterring theft and preventing unauthorized entry.

With vehicle tracking, multiple cameras, driver identification, sensors and access control — ADT will ensure you stay one step ahead, every step of the way.

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What is a commercial security system?

A commercial security system is a combination of devices that work in tandem to safeguard a commercial building and the people in it. They usually include an alarm system, access control, motion sensors, and video cameras.

Top-quality security systems will also come with a back-to-base monitoring service, meaning you can rely on trained security professionals to defend your business when events trigger the system.

Do I need CCTV if I have an alarm system?

The ADT alarm system is at its best when working in conjunction with other security systems. Combining your alarms with a video surveillance system that utilises CCTV and Wi-Fi cameras can create a comprehensive security solution capable of dealing with a wider range of threats than any singular security method could handle.

For this reason, we often recommend supplementing remote monitoring and your access control system with a CCTV system.

What camera systems do businesses use for security?

Businesses commonly use a mix of wired and wireless camera systems. Choosing the best cameras for your business will depend on your specific needs and infrastructure preferences.

Wired cameras offer reliable, constant connectivity and are ideal for fixed installations whereas wireless cameras provide greater flexibility and easy integration with existing wireless components.

What is an enterprise access control system?

An access control system restricts entry to certain areas or information to ensure only authorized individuals can gain access. Software is used to safeguard computer networks and private data whereas hardware like access cards, controllers, and readers are often used to regulate access to physical areas e.g. a specific door.

ADT's comprehensive range of access control systems also includes security measures like panic buttons and intruder detection. For companies operating out of more than one site, branch provisioning and employee permissions make it easy to keep track of who has access across multiple premises.

Can ADT install upgrades for CCTV systems?

Yes, ADT's commercial security solutions are designed for scalability, making upgrading your protection a hassle-free experience.

Whether you're looking to connect new fire alarms with other systems or integrate alarms with your existing camera system, our experienced technicians can configure all of your devices to work together on one platform.

How many security cameras will I need for my business?

The average commercial premises can require, but not limited to, anywhere from 16 to 64 security cameras, however, the right CCTV system for your business will depend on your property size, the assets you want to protect and your budget.

With our reliable installation services, we'll create a robust setup and maximise camera coverage in high-risk areas like key entry points or locations where customers, employees or valuable data and equipment need protecting.

Do all CCTV security cameras need Wi-Fi?

CCTV cameras have been around since long before the internet. Most don't need to be connected to Wi-Fi and will function when connected only to a recorder box.

However, there are some benefits to having a CCTV system connected to your network. For starters, with a network video recorder (NVR) or digital video recorder (DVR), recorded footage can be securely stored and easily accessed through a smart device or computer. This level of remote connectivity allows businesses to maintain a watchful eye on their premises, even outside of business hours.


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