Access Control Systems

ADT Security's access control systems empower organisations across New Zealand to safeguard their people and premises from unwanted entry and harm.

Access control, made simple

Total peace of mind

Effortlessly regulate the access, movement, and monitoring of specific areas within your business's premises.

Centralised management features can help you control your building's key access points, monitor traffic and deny entry to outsiders or users without the appropriate level of access permission.

Cutting-edge technology

Whether it's a single room or an entire site, advanced technology takes access control one step further.

ADT's access control systems feature sophisticated biometric scans, such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition to validate a person's level of access and to confirm their identity.

Tailored solutions

Deny entry to outsiders or users without the appropriate level or access permission and customise unique permissions for specific areas and people.

We'll work with you to create a solution tailored to the size of your building, number of employees and defined business functions.

Electronic key system to lock and unlock doors

Commercial access control

Access control is vital for large commercial properties with heavy foot traffic, sensitive data or valuable assets. ADT caters to businesses across various industries such as mines, hotels, banks, corporate offices, universities, construction sites and retail sites.

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Employees at the check-in as access control for better security



Government and military facilities oversee sensitive data and information, assets and important personnel and may need to restrict entry to certain areas.

Access management ensures that only sanctioned personnel are granted access to sensitive areas.

A sophisticated security system equips federal agencies or other government organisations with the power to control, manage and monitor the movement of all relevant employees and visitors.


Financial institutions such as banks face numerous challenges such as possible breaches, theft and trespass.

The reliability of the physical security of a bank also plays a role in forming the perception of the institution's reputation.

Access control systems empower banks to manage visitors, lockers, employees, and vaults, but also protect confidential customer data and valuable assets on the premises.


An airport is a bustling place with varying levels of personnel such as airline crews, retail staff, security personnel and everyday visitors. Access permissions enable the right personnel to access the right sites and help you protect nominated areas such as tarmacs and control rooms.

New Zealand Government Building

Access control for SMEs

Access control management gives cafes, gyms, pharmacies and other SMEs, greater control over movement and accessibility within their premesis.

ADT's access control systems can be tailored to your unique business security needs. We'll consider your property size and desired level of access rights and asset protection for each user, employee, or visitor.

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Access Control FAQs

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What is an access control system?

Access control is a commercial security system that enables the controlled movement, accessibility, and monitoring of people on a site.

Access control systems utilise different technologies such as readers, biometric scanners and key fobs to regulate who can enter a certain premise and when.

Why are access control systems important?

Access control is incredibly important to safeguard your business and its personnel from breaches and unwanted threats. Access control also provides a central authority system that can control the level of access available to occupants at varying times.

Employees, visitors, contractors, and personnel feel safe and confident knowing they are always protected. Access control systems also protect access to privileged information, company data or rooms that should otherwise be restricted.

What are examples of access control?

Access control utilises technology such as biometric scans, electronic locks, keypads, and access cards to regulate access to a specific physical premise. Biometric technology employs the use of fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to determine the identity of a user and either grant or limit access.

ADT incorporates a range of sophisticated technology to curate a protected system best suited to you. Get in touch to find out more about our range of options.

How do I install access control?

Access control should be installed with the expert help of security professionals to ensure it is properly integrated into your existing security setup and avoid costly mistakes.

There are also a wide range of factors to consider based on your individual business or organisation's needs. How do you want your central authority to function? What access control policy do you want to use?

To learn more, visit our Installation Services page.

How much does an access control system cost?

The cost of access control can vary as these systems must be custom-fitted to the unique needs of each business.

Factors to consider include the size of a premise, the traffic, the value of assets, the level or access rights you want to grant and the range of technology you want to employ.

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