Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Enhance your home security with ADT's selection of wireless security cameras. Enjoy remote access, 24/7 live streaming, secure cloud storage, and personalised alerts. Elevate your peace of mind with steadfast protection today

WiFi camera in frontyard

Hassle-free, reliable monitoring

ADT Smart Security Cameras

Contemporary design

Embrace a sleek and modern aesthetic camera design that effortlessly integrates into your home decor, providing discreet protection without overwhelming your space.

Easy installation

With no need for complex wiring or intricate setups, installing our smart security cameras is seamless.

Each camera is designed for an easy setup, requiring only a pre-existing power point and a minimum internet upload speed of 1.5 Mbps.

Complete customisation

ADT has different Wi-Fi Camera packages tailored to both indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.

We'll help you strategically position your cameras for comprehensive coverage, ensuring every desired area is monitored.

Enhance security in your house with relevant alerts and advanced analytic rules for animal detection, trip wires, and motion detection.

24/7 surveillance

For added convenience, our 24/7 live feed function allows you to stay connected on the go via the ADT Interactive App.

Access real-time live footage with your handheld device to keep an eye on your kids, coordinate deliveries, or instantly assess any unusual activity.

Crystal clear video quality

Experienced unparalleled video quality that captures subtle movements and vibrant colours with precision.

Our camera boasts a razor-sharp 2.1-megapixel lens, offering a resolution of 1920x1080, a wide 117° field of view, and the added enhancement of High Dynamic Range (HDR), for next-level video resolution.

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Your home security, your way

Indoor cameras

Watch a live feed of your home on your phone, tablet or computer – from anywhere, anytime. Check up on your family, pets or visitors with crystal-clear HD video.

Receive notifications when an activity on your property matters to you. Set custom triggers using advanced video analytics rules such as animal detection, trip wires, and motion detection.

Outdoor cameras

An ADT outdoor camera can be mounted in your home front or backyard. It is ideal for viewing who's at your front door, such as tradesmen or family members or looking over the pool or backyard while the kids play outside.

Our cameras are waterproof and record in HD to give crystal clear images as a live feed or a recorded clip.

Saved video clips

Set a Video Recording Schedule to capture important activities in your home when you are away – which can be paused when you return home.

Easily catch up on what you missed with a searchable library of recorded video clips.

adt wifi camera app
ADT Wifi home camera

Wi-Fi Security Camera FAQs

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Can I have a security camera without an alarm system?

Yes, our Wi-Fi package enables you to install indoor and outdoor cameras. You can always combine a camera package with the ADT Security packages

What are the prerequisites for me to install the package?

To be able to install your cameras you need to have:

  • A pre-existing power point at the site of installation
  • A minimum of 1.5 Mbps internet upload speed is recommended per camera

How do I install Wi-Fi Smart Security Cameras with ADT?

Whether you choose DIY installation or are using our professional installation services, setting up an ADT Wi-Fi camera will follow these basic steps:

  1. Choose Camera Location: Strategically select a position that covers your desired monitoring area.
  2. Power Connection: Connect to a nearby electrical outlet for cameras requiring power.
  3. Install Mobile App: Download the ADT App on your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account setup.
  4. Add Camera to the App: Use the app to add your camera to the network, following prompts for a seamless pairing process.
  5. Connect to Wi-Fi: Select your home Wi-Fi network in the app and enter the password for connection.
  6. Position and Adjust Camera: Physically adjust the camera's position and angle to ensure optimal coverage. Some cameras feature pan-tilt capabilities that are controllable through the app.
  7. Test the Connection: Verify successful transmission of live footage through the app. Test features like facial recognition, voice controls, and night vision to ensure proper functionality, giving you the perfect solution for your home security.

Can I have both indoor and outdoor cameras?

Yes. You can have a combination of indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor the perimeter of your home and interiors on the same system.

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