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Designing home security around your lifestyle

When installing a home security solution, most people think of the physical components, such as an alarm system, or ensuring windows and doors have secure locks. You might even consider making the house more visible at night by installing a motion sensor light to help deter a would-be thief. But did you know that your lifestyle, and day-to-day activities are equally important considerations when designing an effective home security solution?

Parents and a daughter in school unform walking into their home

Whether you’re a family with young children, a household with growing teens or a transient traveller continuously on the go, having a home security system that is tailored specifically to your lifestyle, as well as your home, will ensure you’re covering all the right bases.

Keeping the family safe and sound

Busy families are always on the move and need a security system that works with them as their family grows. Parents of a newborn naturally want the very best protection they can provide for their new addition. However, it’s also worth noting that new interactive security technology from ADT can help parents monitor their baby while their child is asleep from wherever they are in the house, directly from their smartphone or tablet. As the child grows and goes to school,working parents can use cameras remotely to check that the kids arrived home from school safely, are doing their homework, or simply check that the family dog is behaving itself. For parents of independent teenagers, the benefit of knowing their kids have returned home safely after a late night using programmed notifications can be equally reassuring. Home security technology has come a long way and the benefit for families as their lives change can mean security and safety is one less thing for them to worry about.

Helping frequent travellers fly under the radar

People who spend more time living out of a suitcase than at home, such as business owners and executives,can make their property a prime target for burglars. Whether travelling for work or leisure, it pays to not only ensure the home’s physical security is up to scratch, but that the house isn’t inadvertently revealing tell-tail signs to a would-be thief. Today there are clever ways to help create the impression that someone is home, even if the house is empty. Using ADT Interactive Security to program light sand household devices to turn on and off at different times of the day, rather than set times which are obvious and predictable, is ideal for extended travel periods. The system can also be used to check in on the home to ensure all is in order, and can even be used to create a comfortable home environment before returning after a long flight. For example, smart switches can be activated from your smartphone to turn on your coffee machine in advance of you coming home. Cameras can also be placed around the house to help travellers feel connected with the family’s routine while away.

Supporting independent living

The transition from family life to retirement is another period when security needs can change. As New Zealand’s population continues to get older[1], greater numbers of people will crave independence by living in their own homes for longer. ADT Interactive Security can provide peace of mind for not only the older generation but also their families by using the system to check on elderly parents using a real-time video feed. The system can also program lighting to make the home comfortable and well-lit to help avoid the risk of falls. With an ADT monitored back-to-base home security system, people can feel more secure, particularly when combined with ADT’s NevaAlone product worn as a pendant or wristband,for complete 24-hour home assistance in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to individual lifestyle needs, there are many things to consider. ADT Security is committed to providing New Zealanders with professional home security that is tailored to a household’s individual requirements. An ADT Security professional can provide advice to design a system that will combine the best of both worlds, integrating the highest level of monitored home security with cutting edge smart home technology that puts people in the driver’s seat.



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