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The frequent traveller’s guide to home security

Those who frequently travel overseas, or between the North and South Island for work or to visit family, may feel anxious about the extended periods of time where the house is unoccupied.

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If regular travel is part of your household’s routine, the following tips can help reduce the stress of being away from home.

  • Stay safe when using taxis or ride-sharing
    It’s polite to make conversation but sharing details about where you’re going, how long you’ll be away from home and who lives in your house can be a security risk. Be careful not to give away your travel plans to taxi and ride-share drivers or passengers.
  • Always keep travel and identity documents with you
    Baggage often can go missing or become lost altogether. It’s important to always keep identifying documents that display your name, home address, date of birth and other personal details in your hand luggage to minimise the risk of them being lost or stolen. Travel documents such as itineraries can also provide enough detail to compromise your home security and online accessible services, such as banking, so be sure to keep passports, your driver’s licence, and other ID on you or locked in a safe when travelling.
  • Take remote control of your security system
    Before you leave on a trip, there are so many things to remember that the last-minute act of arming the security system can be easily forgotten, especially if you’re running late and trying to leave the house in a hurry. ADT Security customers can use the mobile app to remotely activate home security systems wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal. The ability to turn alarms on and off remotely may also come in handy if your neighbour or relative visits your home to collect your mail or feed your pets.
  • Rest assured by installing a system that provides a 24/7 live feed
    ADT Wi-Fi Camera Solutions provide users with a 24/7 security feed that can be accessed from a smart phone or mobile device via the ADT mobile app. These feeds can be viewed live or saved for later use. ADT Wi-Fi cameras also feature advanced video analytics that allow you to set custom geo services like animal detection, trip wires and motion detectors. You can also set notifications and automated timers, allowing the level of control over home security while you’re away to be completely up to you.

For more security tips and solutions, visit our website https://www.adtsecurity.co.nz or call us on 0800 111 238 for further advice from our team of licensed professionals.


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