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What can you do if your alarm goes off while you’re away?

Would you know what to do if you received an alert that your home security system had been triggered while you’re away on business or holiday? Never just assume it’s a false alarm but don’t panic either; simply authorise our back-to-base monitoring centre to send a patrol car to your home to investigate.

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Requesting a patrol car to attend your home in your absence can give you peace of mind that someone is there to check everything’s okay. If the patrol car arrives and finds that there has been a burglary at your home, the security guard will call the police on your behalf. If the security guard suspects the burglar is still lurking inside, the guard’s presence is likely to startle the intruder and they are likely to leave immediately for fear of being caught.

Authorising ADT Security to send a patrol car can be very reassuring and ultimately help safeguard your home. And while everyone’s individual needs or risk levels will vary depending on personal circumstances, knowing a patrol car is available can alleviate the worry about what’s going on at home when you’re not there.

While patrol cars are available 24/7 as an additional service for all ADT Security customers on top of the monitored alarm system, there are also affordable packages available whereby (for a small monthly fee) customers have the option to upgrade their monitored home security plan to include up to three patrol car responses per year, offering even greater peace of mind.

Patrol cars are only despatched on your instruction and in the event that your home alarm system has been triggered, ADT will notify your nominated emergency contacts should additional action be required. It’s important to remember that a patrol guard is not legally allowed to enter your home unless you’ve authorised their access. Patrol guards will not jump fences, climb through broken windows or do anything that will put their own lives at risk. However, in the event that your home has been subjected to damage, for instance a window has been broken or a door kicked in, the patrol guard will remain at your home until the police arrive.

If you travel frequently, or are planning an extended holiday and are worried about your home, short term arrangements can also be negotiated – for additional fees a patrol guard can be arranged to check your home each night and even collect your mail.


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