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Put your safety first with the protective power of an ADT Home Security System. Experience intelligent defence with motion detection, automation, CCTV and remote access. Browse our range of smart security products and enjoy total peace of mind today.

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Smart defence, beyond boundaries.

Types of home security systems

Control your home on the go

ADT Mobile App Features

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, the ADT App lets you control your home security, automation and video recordings from anywhere.

Home Security

With its intuitive interface, all your alarms, sensors and cameras can be armed or disarmed remotely, putting full control at your fingertips.

Automated features take convenience one step further with scheduled settings like an arming reminder when your smartphone is outside an established perimeter.


From checking in on pets to catching crime, we understand everyone uses their security system for different purposes. That's why we've designed the ADT app to make personalising your priorities easy.

Quickly access the features you most frequently use and view your most important data at a glance. From your system's status to live weather conditions, your dashboard makes it easy to always stay connected and in control.

Control Lights

ADT Automated Security seamlessly connects lights and other devices in your home on one platform, so they work more intelligently together.

Whether it's kitchen, patio or bedroom lights, you can easily view and control every light in your home. Create a scene such as bedtime which could turn all lights off and arm your system or create a warm welcome when you arrive home.


Never miss a moment with daily updates on key events in your home. Receive instant alerts when there is an activity in your property that matters to you. Set custom triggers by using advanced video analytic rules such as animal detection, trip wires and motion detection.

Want to review all notifications? Access a complete time-stamped log of daily activities across each of your systems in a singular feed.

Live Stream

Check in on your premises, family or pets wherever you are with 24/7 live streaming. Simply choose the security cameras you wish to view on your smart device and get a live view of what’s going on in your home.

An essential feature in emergencies, receive video clips sent directly to you via push or email when the front door opens, the alarm goes off or when motion is detected.

Video Clips

Set a Video Recording Schedule to capture important activities in your home when you're away.

For example, you can automatically record every time your front door opens, pool lights turn on or movement is detected in areas there shouldn't be. From here, you can catch up on what you missed with a searchable library of your recorded footage.

Home Security App

Monitored home security systems NZ

When you invest in ADT, your home security system is monitored by our 24/7 response team for immediate support all day, every day. If your alarm system is activated, our professionals are automatically notified and will contact you, your emergency contacts or emergency services.

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Home Alarm System FAQs

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Do all ADT Security Systems include monitoring?

Yes, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that whatever package you invest in, you’ll benefit from 24/7 monitoring from the ADT team.

If an alarm is triggered in your home, our professional monitoring team will respond immediately and take the necessary actions to protect your home and loved ones.

Can I add more components to my system later?

Certainly, the ADT system is fully modular, allowing you to add or remove components as your security needs evolve.

Need advice? Give us a call and our team can support you in upgrading your security system.

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Which home security system should I choose?

At ADT, we understand that every home is different. An ADT team member can perform a security assessment to determine the best home security system to suit your needs.

We’ll ensure that you can get the ideal configuration for your home and that everything is installed in the right location for maximum effectiveness.

What kind of home security system is best?

The best home security system will include advanced alarms, sensors, cameras, and smoke/heat detectors that are connected via wi-fi technology and feature 24/7 monitoring. This mix of products means that no threat, whether it’s an intruder or a fire, will go undetected in your home.

With ADT, it’s easy to set up this kind of modular system in your home and upgrade it as your security needs evolve.

How much does a home security system cost?

How much it costs to install a home security system depends on what devices you’re using, how many you need, and whether you’re going to subscribe to a 24/7 monitoring service that can respond to threats ASAP.

ADT offers a comprehensive range of affordable packages with the ability to customise a security solution to suit your home’s unique needs.

Is it worth it to have ADT?

ADT is the industry-leading home security company, and we’ve been a trusted brand for over 100 years.

Our products are used throughout New Zealand by satisfied customers who trust our technology and 24/7 monitoring team. If you’re going to invest in a home security system, don’t settle for less than the best.

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