Protect your family with the best home security system with sophisticated motion-detection, entry point detection, CCTV, and remote access technology.

ADT can provide you with an affordable home security system with monitoring customised to your home’s layout so that no threat goes undetected. All your alarms, sensors and cameras can be armed or disarmed remotely via mobile with the ADT app, putting full control at your fingertips.

An ADT technician will work with you to identify your home’s unique security needs and install our products for the most effective coverage against potential threats. An ADT home security system can also integrate with smoke and heat detectors to offer an extra layer of protection. Supplement this protection with CCTV cameras for extra protection with live viewing.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Investing in an ADT home security system means equipping your home with the latest alarms and sensors to cover all possible entry points an intruder might attempt to exploit. Our products include passive infrared detectors (PIRs or Motion detectors), door and window sensors and glass break detectors.

Your system is monitored by our 24/7 Security Response Centre with trained professionals delivering immediate support all day, every day. With a monitored home security system from ADT, you know that if your alarm is activated, we receive a message from your system and will respond by contacting you, your emergency contacts, and if required, emergency services.

We offer nationwide support through our call centre located here in New Zealand. Our local monitoring team means that you can count on the fastest possible response to anything that triggers your alarms when you’re away from home.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

ADT’s home security systems can be supplemented with CCTV cameras. Our CCTV cameras come with infrared capabilities and motion detection software. When a CCTV set to motion-detect mode is activated, it immediately begins recording. This footage can be viewed live through the mobile app and is saved on the 4TB storage drive, meaning they are helpful both during the event and as evidence afterwards.

Not only do CCTV cameras record crucial evidence, but they act as a strong visual deterrent, sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen on your property. ADT cameras come with a modern aesthetic design to ensure they aren’t an eyesore either. Your ADT technician will work with you during your free security assessment to find ideal locations to place cameras, giving maximum security.

Wireless Technology

ADT Security has a range of wireless security solutions which means an ADT home security system can be installed with no cables and wiring throughout your home. Our alarm components work using RF technology to communicate signals to and from the system.

The added advantage of wireless technology is that servicing your system can be done easily without needing to check metres of physical wiring. If you need to move home, a wireless system is portable and can be quickly and easily uninstalled and moved to your new Premises by an ADT technician. This also means that if your home’s security requirements change, your alarm components can be moved without hassle.

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Home Alarm System FAQS

Do all ADT Security products include monitoring?

Yes, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that whatever package you invest in, you’ll benefit from 24/7 monitoring from the ADT team. If an alarm is triggered in your home, our professional monitoring team will respond immediately to take the appropriate steps.

Can I add more components to my system later?

Certainly, the ADT system is fully modular, allowing you to add or remove components as your security needs evolve. Give us a call on 0800 111 238 if you want to discuss upgrading your system.

Which home security system should I choose?

At ADT, we understand that every home is different. An ADT team member can perform a FREE in-home security assessment to determine the best home security system to suit your needs. We’ll ensure that you can get the ideal configuration for your home and that everything is installed in the right location for maximum effectiveness.

What kind of home security system is best?

The best home security system will include advanced alarms, sensors, cameras, and smoke/heat detectors that are connected to 24/7 monitoring. This mix of products means that no threat, whether it’s an intruder or a fire, will go undetected in your home. With ADT, it’s easy to set up this kind of modular system in your home and upgrade it as your security needs evolve.

How much does a home security system cost?

How much it costs to install a home security system depends on what devices you’re using, how many you need, and whether you’re going to subscribe to a 24/7 monitoring service that can respond to threats ASAP. ADT offers a variety of affordable packages with the ability to customise a security solution to suit your home’s unique needs.

Is it worth it to have ADT?

ADT is the industry-leading home security company, and we’ve been a trusted brand for over 100 years. Our products are used throughout New Zealand by satisfied customers who trust our technology and 24/7 monitoring team. If you’re going to invest in a home security system, don’t settle for less than the best.