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FindU Key Features

FindU is a 24/7 professionally monitored lone worker safety solution allowing remote, high risk and night shift workers and drivers to feel safe and connected.

Real-time location monitoring

Monitor the activity of lone working employees with real-time GPS location updates and accurate tracking when they are logged into a session.

Routine check-in calls

Set a timed session and custom check-in reminders to safeguard lone workers throughout their shifts.

Panic alarm

FindU's panic alert instantly notifies ADT's response partners and designated emergency contacts when you need immediate assistance.


Define safe zones and get safety status updates when a lone worker enters or exits specific areas.

Two-way communication

Send fast, trackable SMS messages and app notifications.

Push out team surveys or send company-wide updates directly from the FindU app or desktop platform.

Live location tracking app

Lone worker safety, revolutionised

Monitor every move

Locate your employees, anywhere, any time, any place.

Precise, real-time GPS tracking lets you easily identify employees who have been exposed to risk (e.g. COVID-19) or have left designated safe zones.

Build better safety policies

Save money, eliminate paper trails and reduce lone worker emergencies.

Actionable data collected via the lone worker app can help you exceed your safety obligations and anticipate danger early.

Provide peace of mind

Offer round-the-clock monitoring and instant emergency responses to employees when they need it most.

With ADT's lone worker safety app, you can schedule welfare checks and create an escalation plan for when an employee fails to check in safely.

Integrate effortlessly

Enjoy a seamless transition to an elevated protection strategy without disrupting your current operations.

Featuring a user-friendly dashboard and flexible installation options, ADT's lone worker app is designed to work with your existing frameworks.

Customise your communication

Set up organisational rules and build custom reports to suit your unique business security requirements.

Our lone worker app adapts to your needs, ensuring that your lone workers are protected according to your specific protocols and escalation processes.

ADT FindU app
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Extra security features

Additional features are available on request.

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Lone worker app FAQs

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What is a lone worker protection app?

The purpose of a lone worker safety app is to improve the health and safety of employees who work alone or in remote locations.

With a lone worker app like FindU, businesses can use GPS tracking and emergency alerts to manage lone workers and keep employees safe. The data collected by lone worker apps can also be used to run reports that help organisations improve their safety strategies and operational efficiencies.

Why are lone workers at a greater risk of danger at work?

Lone workers face greater risks at work due to the absence of immediate assistance and support. Lone working in isolated or remote environments can amplify the impact of accidents or emergencies, as there may be no one nearby to provide help or contact the necessary response services.

Safeguarding lone workers can be further complicated by factors such as limited communication, potential delays in responding to incidents, and a lack of immediate supervision.

Are you allowed to be alone at work in NZ?

Yes, New Zealand has no specific legal requirements that prohibit employees from working alone.

However, NZ employers are obligated under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to ensure the health and safety of their employees, which includes assessing and managing risks associated with working alone.

Employers should also consider industry-specific regulations and guidelines that may apply to their particular workplace.

What is a duress alarm for lone workers?

A duress alarm is a safety feature typically integrated into lone worker safety solutions. It enables a lone worker to signal for emergency assistance often through a discreet panic button or gesture when overt signals may not be possible or safe.

When triggered, these lone worker devices send an immediate alert to the companies' professional monitoring partners who will then notify the designated contacts or emergency services.

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