Moving Business with ADT Security

Moving your business to a new location? Ensure your premises are fortified from day one with ADT Security New Zealand.

We'll help you make the move.

Transporting security equipment should be the least of your worries while moving. Whether you’re moving the location of your office, café or hair salon – ADT will be there every step of the way to ensure your move is a hassle-free experience.

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Your business security, your way.

Reliable expertise

Moving to a new building can be stressful, which is why we're dedicated to streamlining your security set-up.

The ADT team can evaluate your new location ahead of time and organise for your security system to be installed at your new location before your move commences.

Seamless upgrades

Moving locations can be the perfect time to reassess your security requirements and consider investing in new upgrades.

Our professional technicians will custom-build a security solution that harmonises with your new environment, bridging any security lapses and ensuring continuous protection for your assets, employees and customers.

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Personalised approach

Every business is different, which is why ADT offers professional moving services for both large commercial companies and small businesses.

Whether you're leasing a luxurious office suite or have purchased your first corner store – rest assured ADT will transport and install your equipment with precision.

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Small business security

Provide your new property with the appropriate level of protection throughout every step of your move. From salons to cafés, ADT's experienced team will strategically transfer your small business security system to its new home with care and expertise.

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Large commercial security

Safeguarding a larger company has many moving parts. The proficiency of ADT Security guarantees the correct installation and configuration of all security equipment at your new location, empowering your business to operate with the utmost level of security.

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Moving Business Locations FAQs

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What happens to your ADT system when you move?

Your ADT system can be transferred to your new business premises when you move. Our team can be present during the entirety of your move and even set up your system ahead of time.

Whether you're looking to reinstall existing ADT equipment or invest in an entirely new business security system – we're in your corner.

How do I transfer my ADT system to a new business location?

The transfer or moving process will look different for each business, depending on your security equipment, new location and the complexity of the process.

For more information, get in touch with our friendly team.

When do I need to notify ADT of my move?

We recommend that you notify us as soon as you confirm your move. Letting us know ahead of time means we can assist you with the move from the beginning and ensure your system is properly installed and fully functioning in advance.

How much will it cost for ADT to move my business security system?

If you're an existing ADT Security customer and contemplating relocating your business, get in touch.

We can dispatch an ADT technician to evaluate your circumstances and provide a personalised quote, as well as a detailed moving strategy.

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