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Why professional home security solutions are a smart investment

Protecting our homes and loved ones should always be a top priority.

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With the threat of break-in-related crime a constant concern for homeowners, the impulse may be to visit the local hardware store or electronics retailer to purchase a security camera off the shelf. However, while a DIY option may seem like the simplest solution, it’s important to understand the level of security that is right for your home. Considering all the options rather than settling on a convenient quick fix may also deliver more benefits than improved security alone.

Investing in a professionally installed and monitored security system from ADT Security offers many advantages depending on your lifestyle and the types of valuables you’re wanting to protect. For example, those who are often away from home for long periods of time may benefit from 24/7 back to base monitoring, a service which can help to initiate action when occupants are not available. Homeowners storing precious high value items, including jewellery, sporting equipment and vehicles, may feel more comfortable engaging a professional home security company to install a security system that is tailored to their property’s unique needs.

Having the right level of security allows you to feel more confident that the people you care about and your valued possessions are protected. Here are some considerations that come with professionally installed and monitored security.

Access to the latest security technology

Unlike DIY security products, a reliable home security system is one that is installed in line with your home and lifestyle needs. Engaging licenced security experts allows you to discuss your needs and develop a customised system using trusted products featuring the latest technology. ADT Security, for example, offers a choice of cameras to suit different requirements and budgets, from simple standalone live-streaming Wi-Fi cameras to CCTV systems for those who require a continuous visual feed, and recording, of what is transpiring at home. These options also feature new technology with integrated devices to create an intuitive smart home system that can be remotely monitored and controlled through ADT’s highly secure app.

24/7 monitoring strengthens safety and peace of mind

True security for the home does not stop with a camera at the front door. Professional security services provide backup with 24/7 monitoring that surpasses basic surveillance.

ADT Security’s monitored security systems are connected to our 24-hour Grade A1 monitoring centre fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Our response centre is staffed by a team of highly skilled responders who are trained to act quickly and decisively to any situation.

ADT’s trained monitoring centre team will respond to an alert within 180 seconds regardless of the time of day, with either a call or text message to the occupant who can authorise ADT Security’s 24/7 patrol car service to investigate the situation or call the appropriate emergency services if required.

Professional security services like ADT are committed to your safety and security by offering a level of peace of mind that unmonitored DIY solutions can’t offer.

Ongoing technical support

Like most electronic equipment, modern security systems need to be regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure the system continues to operate reliably. ADT Security’s systems are installed by licensed technicians who use reputable equipment and provide a guarantee that the products are installed correctly. Technicians are experts in their field and can help you to make the right decisions when choosing the best security system for your home or business. This doesn’t mean suggesting an expensive or complicated system; ADT Security technicians will take the time to carry out an assessment of your property and consider your lifestyle needs and safety concerns to ensure they install the ideal solution for you with your budget in mind. They will also provide tips and advice to ensure you know how to use your system correctly, how to maintain your system, and how to troubleshoot certain scenarios.

Trusting a professional security provider ultimately delivers greater peace of mind which is harder to achieve with a DIY solution. From modern systems to technical support and additional security services, leaving it to the professionals is the best way to protect the most important things in your life.

For more security tips, visit our website www.adtsecurity.co.nz or call us on 0800 111 238 to arrange a professional home security assessment by our team of licenced professionals.


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