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Understand the full capabilities of our Morepork monitoring system through our Tips And Tricks guide with ADT.


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How do I connect my panel to WiFi?

We recommend that you connect your control panel to your WiFi network if you have one. If for some reason the Spark mobile network is unavailable in your area, your Morepork will not be able to upload images or communicate with you. However, if your control panel is connected to a working WiFi network, your panel can use this to communicate with you instead and operate as normal. This is known as ‘dual path communication’. It will also mean that the control panel will then automatically receive software updates without you having to do anything.

Your panel will still communicate with your sensors and your smartphone via the Spark mobile network by default.

NOTE: When your panel is connected to WiFi it is using your broadband data and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) data limit and/or charges will apply. Software updates are typically made no more than once every 3 months.

Follow these steps on your panel to get connected:

  1. Press the physical ‘Home’ button below the screen
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ and enter your master user code
  3. Tap ‘System Settings
  4. Tap ‘Wireless Settings
  5. Tick the checkbox beside ‘Wi-Fi’ to turn on WiFi
  6. Once it’s ticked, tap ‘Wi-Fi Settings
  7. Select your WiFi network and enter your password
  8. Tap ‘Done’ and then ‘Connect
  9. You will see a ‘Connected’ message under ‘Wi-Fi’ when it has successfully connected

Run a quick system test to check your WiFi was set up correctly:

  1. Press the physical ‘Home’ button below the screen
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ and enter your master user code
  3. Tap ‘System Tests
  4. Tap ‘Wi-Fi Test
  5. Tap ‘Run
  6. You will see a ‘Pass’ message under ‘Test Result’ if your WiFi has set up correctly.

What do the panic buttons on the panel do?

Your control panel has 3 panic buttons – Police, Fire and Auxiliary. You can find these by pressing the physical ‘+’ button below the screen of your panel, and tapping the touchscreen.

When triggered, these will display as ‘Police Panic Alarm’, ‘Fire Panic Alarm’, and ‘Emergency Panic Alarm’. They will alert anyone you have set up to receive alarm events, but will not notify authorities.

If you are professional monitored, our Professional Response Team will also be notified and will follow your pre-agreed action plan. You can stop these forwarding to our Pro Response Team if you are worried about kids pressing them or false alarms.

How many photos can I upload from my image sensors?

  • You can upload up to 40 photos per calendar month to the image gallery in your Morepork app/portal.
    • If you have your image sensor set on ‘Auto Zoom’, it takes two photos each time it’s triggered, one long view and one close-up view. These count as one upload in your image gallery.
    • If you peek in via more than one image sensor, it is counted as one upload per sensor.
  • If you have reached 40 uploads before the end of the calendar month, your image sensor(s) will still upload photos during an alarm event, but you won’t be able to ‘Peek-in’ on demand.
  • Photos are stored for 60 days before being deleted, but you can download them for storage elsewhere.
  • Unused uploads will not carry over from month to month. On the first of each month, your upload limit will reset.

How are photos captured and uploaded on my image sensor?

By default, the image sensor captures photos on motion when the panel is armed away, during an alarm (at most every 10 seconds), and the first motion event after the panel is disarmed from armed away. There is an up to 30-second delay before an image sensor can capture photos from an armed stay or instant alarm (such as panic, smoke alarm, etc).

Peek in:

  • With the peek in feature, the image sensor can capture photos on-demand.
  • Through the ‘Peek-In‘ subtab on the Morepork web portal or your Morepork app, you can request a ‘Peek-In Now’ (taken right away, regardless of motion) or ‘Peek-In Next Motion’ (taken next time the sensor detects motion).
  • These photos will be captured and uploaded automatically. For more information on this, please see here.

Daily view:

With the daily view feature, the image sensor can also be configured to automatically capture and upload the first motion event during a specific time period each day.
To set up this feature:

  1. Login to the Morepork web portal
  2. Click ‘Automation
  3. Click ‘Add New Rule’ then ‘Image Sensor Rule
  4. Click ‘Daily View
  5. Customise the rule and click ‘Save

Upload a photo:

  • During an alarm, the image sensor automatically uploads up to five photos from motion events. If additional alarm photos are captured, they can be uploaded from the ‘Upload image‘ subtab of the Morepork app.
  • If the alarm is triggered by the image sensor or photos from other events (such as a disarm) are taken, these are not uploaded automatically – to prevent you running out of uploads. You can upload them manually by clicking ‘Images‘, ‘Upload‘ then the upload icon in the Morepork app.
  • Peek-ins and daily view images are uploaded and sent according to the settings you have specified under ‘Automation‘ in the web portal.
  • To upload a photo that has already been captured, tap on the ‘Upload‘ tab in your Morepork app and tap the upload icon. Click ‘Upload’ on the pop-up that appears in order to send your request. Photos are generally retrieved from the sensor in 1-2 minutes and will appear in the Gallery when they are available. Photos are also sent to the Manual Upload recipients specified in the ‘Automation‘ tab in the web portal.

How do I set up video motion detection (VMD)?

You can enable motion detection on your indoor or outdoor video cameras, to record clips around 40 seconds long when it detects motion.

Please note:

  • Your indoor or outdoor video cameras will never trigger your alarm, even with motion detection enabled.
  • Motion detection on your indoor and outdoor video cameras is a lot more sensitive than your image sensor and may respond to light changes. We recommend you test it out and update your settings to ensure you are recording only what you want and don’t run out of storage.

To set up VMD:

  1. Login to using your username and password you set up and purchase
  2. Click ‘Video’ then ‘Settings
  3. Click on ‘Video Motion Detection
  4. Customise your motion detection settings, we recommend:
    1. Sensitivity – this is how sensitive your motion detection is. We recommend setting it to 5 to start with.
    2. Target size – this is the percentage of the VMD window that needs to change before it will record. Depending on the size of your window, this might take a bit of trial and error – the smaller the window, the larger you should make the target size, to prevent too many false motion recordings.
    3. Window size – this is the area the motion detection will record light changes in. We recommend drawing windows only where there shouldn’t be movement. (i.e. for an outdoor camera, exclude adding a window on a tree, as there will be a lot of light changes).

5. Important – you must also add a recording schedule – without this, your motion detection won’t record anything.

a. Click ‘Recording Schedules’ at the top of the screen

b. Click ‘Add Schedule

c. Click ‘Video Motion Detection

6. Set up your recording schedule time frame, delay, at home settings and recipients.

7. Click ‘Save Schedule

If you and your sensitivity is too high, or not high enough, you can change these settings at anytime.

How do I control my smart switch?

You can turn your Morepork smart switches on and off via the Morepork app, web portal or from the control panel. You can also set up automated rules and schedules, so Morepork does the work for you.
Remember – your smart switches will display as ‘Lights‘ in the app, web portal and the panel.

Turning on and off

From the app:

  1. Login to the Morepork app, and tap on ‘Lights‘ from the main menu or the home screen
  2. Click the on and off buttons to control your switch remotely

From the web portal:

  1. Login to the Morepork web portal by visiting
  2. Click ‘Lights‘ from the home page and you will see a list of the lights and switches you have paired to your Morepork
  3. Click the on and off buttons to control your switches remotely

From your control panel:

  1. From your home screen, tap ‘Home Control
  2. Tap the on and off buttons to control your switches

See here for more information on rules and schedules.


  • Going away for the weekend? You can set plug a lamp into your smart switch to turn on and off at certain times of the day so it looks like someone is home. You can even randomise it so it’s not exactly the same time everyday.
  • Want the house to be warm when you come home? Create a rule to turn the heater on when you enter your home geo-fence
  • Forget to turn your hair straighter off? Set a rule to turn it off when you leave home, or check the status in the app for peace of mind

How can I lock and unlock my smart lock?

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your lock is installed on your door, paired to your Morepork, and a master code has been set up. See our install guide for more details.

  • To lock the door, simply hold the palm of your hand over the touchscreen of your smart lock. You will hear it lock.
  • To unlock the door, hold your palm over the screen until it beeps and you see numeric keypad. Then enter an access code followed by *. You will hear it beep and unlock.

You can lock and unlock your Morepork smart lock remotely via the Morepork app and web portal. You can even set it to lock or unlock based on a ‘Scene’ or other sensor activity.

How do I ‘peek in’ on my image sensor?

Your image sensor takes photos automatically during an alarm event when it senses motion and uploads them to your gallery.

You can also request photos from your image sensor any time. This is called ‘Peek-In’. You can peek in when your Morepork is armed or disarmed, during an alarm event or when you just want to check in on things at home. Your image sensor is infrared so it works at night as well as during the day.

How to peek in:

  1. In the Morepork app, tap ‘Images’ on the home screen or in the main menu. Photos taken during an alarm event will appear here in your gallery
  2. Tap the camera icon and tick which image sensors you want to take photos, you can select multiple sensors at once
  3. Choose ‘Peek-In Now’ to take a photo immediately, or ‘Peek-In Next Motion’ to take a photo next time the sensor detects movement.
  4. Then tap ‘Send’ in the confirmation box

Your image sensor will take a photo as requested. After a minute or two the photo will upload and appear under the ‘Gallery’ tab. Swipe down to refresh the screen, and allow up to three minutes for the photo to upload.

You can set your image sensor so it doesn’t automatically upload the photos it captures in some circumstances. In an alarm event, if the image sensor captures multiple photos it will only upload some of these automatically. You can also ask your Morepork to upload these photos to the app at anytime:

  • To upload a photo that has already been captured, tap on the ‘Upload’ tab in your Morepork app. You will see a list of photos that your image sensor has captured. Tap the upload icon next to photo you want to see.
  • Click ‘Upload’ on the pop-up that appears in order to send your request. Photos are generally retrieved from the sensor in 1-2 minutes and will appear in the Gallery when they are available. Photos are also sent to the Manual Upload recipients designated on the ‘Automation‘ page in the web portal, if any.


  • You can upload up to 40 photos per month. To check how many uploads you have left for the month, in the app tap on ‘Images’ and then tap the ‘Upload’ tab. You can see at the top of this page how many uploads you have left. Note that if you peek in via more than one image sensor, this counts as one upload per sensor.
  • Your image sensor takes photos automatically during an alarm event. You can also set it up to take photos at other times, for example whenever the front door is opened. Do this in the web portal by going to the ‘Automation‘ tab and clicking ‘Rules‘.
  • If you go over your monthly upload limit, your image sensor will still upload photos during an alarm event. Your allocation will reset at the start of each calendar month.
  • You can request a notification to be sent to any of your contacts when a new image has been taken. This is also done in the web portal under ‘Automation’.

How do I add screensaver images to the panel?

Your control panel doubles as a photo screensaver, so you can customise the images that display when your panel is sleeping.

Photo requirements:

  • Format: JPEG
  • Size: 800x480px or smaller
  • Maximum: 20 photos
  • Photo names must not include special characters, numbers and letters only

Loading images to your panel:

  1. Load the images you want onto an SD card, in a folder called ‘Photos
  2. On the left side of your control panel, you will see an SD card slot with a diagram. Follow the printed diagram on the panel to make sure you insert the SD card correctly
  3. Return to the Home screen of your control panel by tapping the screen to wake it up by clicking the physical ‘Home’ icon button below the screen)
  4. Tap ‘Apps
  5. Tap ‘Photo Frame
  6. Tap ‘Add Photos
  7. Choose ‘SD card’ as the ‘Source
  8. Tap ‘Replace all photos’. The panel will take a few seconds and load your photos.
  9. When you’re done, tap the ‘Back’ button on the bottom left of the screen to preview your photos.

These new images will now display as your control panel screensaver. You can add more photos or replace the existing ones whenever you like.

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What if I change modem/internet service provider or lose WiFi connectivity?

If you’ve changed your internet setup (SSID, modem settings, password, ISP etc), you will need to update the settings on your Morepork video cameras and your control panel, so they can still connect.

If you’ve changed your modem, password, SSID or internet service provider:

On your control panel:

  1. Tap the physical ‘Home‘ button below the screen of your control panel
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ and enter your master user code
  3. Tap ‘System Settings
  4. Tap ‘Wireless Settings
  5. Tick the checkbox beside ‘Wi-Fi’ to turn on WiFi if it is not on
  6. Once it’s ticked, tap ‘Wi-Fi Settings
  7. Select your WiFi network and enter your password
  8. Tap ‘Done’ and then ‘Connect
  9. You will see a ‘Connected’ message under ‘Wi-Fi’ when it has successfully connected

Video cameras – please see the install guide for setup details.
You may need to reset them if install doesn’t work, see below links.

If your indoor/outdoor video camera loses WiFi after you have set it up (i.e. due to a power cut, or the modem being unplugged etc):

  1. Check your WiFi is working on other devices (i.e. a phone or computer). If so, your video camera should automatically set itself up again.
  2. If it doesn’t, unplug your video camera and modem from the mains power, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. Your video camera should set itself up again. When the LED turns to solid green, it’s ready to go.

How do I change the sounds on my panel?

The Morepork control panel communicates with you using a combination of chimes and voice feedback. These can be turned on and off and adjusted for volume and sound via the control panel itself.

Note – the volume of the control panel siren is 91dBA and can’t be adjusted.

To change the volume and sound settings:

  1. ​On your control panel, press the physical ‘Home’ below the screen
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ and enter your master user code
  3. Tap ‘System Settings
  4. Tap ‘Sound
  5. You can adjust the master volume of the control panel by selecting ‘Volume’. You can also turn the voice prompts on and off, and customise the volume and alert sound for each sensor.

How do I name my sensors?

When you first connect your Morepork devices to your control panel, they will be given a default name such as ‘Sensor 1‘, ‘Smoke Alarm‘ or ‘Light‘.
We recommend you rename each sensor so it makes sense in your alerts: for example, ‘Lounge window was left open’, rather than ‘Sensor 3 was left open’.

How to name your sensors:

  1. Login to using the username/email address you set up at purchase
  2. Click ‘Settings‘ on the left hand side, then ‘Devices
  3. Overwrite each sensor name and click ‘Save’.

You can also check the status of each sensor here, and turn sensor activity monitoring on and off.
If activity monitoring is ticked, all activity for that sensor will be recorded under ‘History’, even if your Morepork is disarmed.

Helpful hints:

  • When you change your sensor names in the web portal they’ll automatically update on the control panel and Morepork app. It may take a few minutes for them all to update.
  • If you move your sensors, don’t forget to update the names so your alerts still make sense.

How do I clear a tamper?

To clear a tamper on your devices, this will need to be done on the device itself.
Acknowledging the message on the panel will only remove the alert from the panel. It will not change the device status, stop the panel beeping or remove the message from the app.

Panel sounds can be customised by the customer (settings – system settings – sounds) should they wish to stop the beeping. See here for more detail on panel sounds.

  • Image sensor – the sensor has an accelerometer in it, the tamper is created by the angle the sensor is on
    • to fix – make sure it is standing upright or placed on the wall bracket
  • Door & window sensor – the tamper is created when the transmitter (the larger piece) is opened. Note the magnet will not create a tamper
    • to fix – make sure the transmitter pieces are connected properly, and the plastic is flush
  • Motion sensor – created by removing the back
    • to fix – make sure the back is clicked in and connected properly
  • Smoke alarm – tamper created by the base plate being removed
    • to fix – connect the baseplate, make sure the two raised lines on the side line up on the alarm and the baseplate, it’s easy to cross thread so make sure the two pieces are flush.
  • Panel – tamper is created by removing the back
    • to fix – make sure the back plate is screwed on securely.
  • Video camera – the cameras do not have tamper functionality.

Morepork Health Check

Knowing your Morepork is working just as it should be gives you the most peace of mind.
Here’s how to check the health of your Morepork. We recommend running through these all of these steps as a habit every 3 months.

  1. System Check
  • Make sure everything is working as it should be. To check:
    • Log into the Morepork app
    • Any issues will appear at the top of the home screen
    • If the ‘issues’ slide appears, tap on the downwards arrow underneath to expand the slide. This will allow you to see anything that is malfunctioning or has a low battery.
    • If you need help with any issues you see, contact our Support Team

  1. Check your panel has the latest firmware
  • This will help prevent any known software issues and ensure you have the best possible protection. To check:
    • Press the physical ‘Home’ button under your control panel screen
    • Tap ‘Settings’ and enter your master user code
    • Tap ‘About
    • Under ‘Software Version’ you should see Q1.6.3 followed by some other text
    • If you see any other software version you will need to connect your panel to WiFi (instructions can be found here) and then contact our Support Team who can push the latest software out to your panel.
  1. Set up push notifications
  • Make sure everyone who wants to get alerts to their smart phone from your Morepork has turned on ‘push notifications’ in the app. To turn on push notifications and set up new alerts follow the instructions here.
  1. Get some backup
  • It’s all very well getting alerts, but if you’re in a different time zone or there’s a risk you won’t see them until too late get someone closer to home to help monitor your Morepork. To set someone else up you’ll need to add them as ‘login’. Instructions can be found here. Don’t forget to add them to the relevant notifications once they’ve enabled push notification on their smart phone (see above).
  • You can also choose to upgrade to the Professional Response service plan for a month or two while you’re away. Find out more about Professional Response here.To change your plan, To change your plan call our Support Team at 0800 787 238.
  1. Add a Morepork smoke alarm
  • An early warning is the best warning. A Morepork smoke alarm can alert you if it detects smoke in your home, allowing you to peek-in and act quickly. Consider adding one to your Morepork before you go away. Shop here.

How many video clips can I upload?

You can upload 1,000 video clips, per calendar month, this is at the start of your billing month. This limit is shared across all of your video cameras, including the video doorbell. Once you’ve reached this limit, the oldest clips will be overwritten at the start of the next billing month.

If you have reached 1,000 uploads before the end of the calendar month, your video camera(s) will still upload clips during an alarm event, but you won’t be able to record clips on demand. This means that any recording schedules that you have set up won’t work until the start of your next billing month.

To protect clips you wish to keep:

  • In the web portal – go to the ‘Video’ tab in the web portal and choose ‘Saved Clips’. Select the thumbnail and click the blue padlock icon.
  • In the app – go to the ‘Video‘ tab in the app and click on ‘Saved’. From here check the boxes next to the video clips you want to keep and then click the padlock icon at the top right hand side of the screen.

You can also protect any videos in the app and portal you want to keep, and download them to be extra safe.

How do I create an access code for my smart lock?

Once you’ve got your smart lock installed and connected to your Morepork (see our install guide for details), you can set up access codes in the web portal. You can give lock access to existing users (using the same four-digit user code they use on the control panel) or create new users. Make sure you’ve set up the access codes via the web portal, not the lock itself. They may take a few minutes to load once set up.

To give an existing user lock access:

  1. Login to the web portal
  2. Click on the ‘Users’ tab on the left hand side of the page
  3. Click on the edit button (pencil) for the relevant user
  4. Click on the key icon and this will change colour to blue and state ‘Lock Access
  5. Click ‘Save’.

To create an access code for someone new:

  1. Login to the web portal
  2. Click on the ‘Users’ tab on the left hand side of the page
  3. Click the ‘Add User’ button
  4. Add the user’s name, and scroll down to ‘Access Control’ and click the key icon.
  5. Enter a 4-8 digit access code. If you choose to use more than 4 digits, and allow panel access with the same code (by clicking the lock icon), the first 4 digits of the code will be used on the panel.
  6. Click ‘Save’.

Remember this will take a few minutes to update on your lock and control panel.

Helpful hint:

  • If you have created an access code for your smart lock for someone who no longer needs one, we recommend you delete it for your security. Login to the Morepork web portaland click on the ‘Users’ tab. Click on the pencil icon to remove just access to the lock or click on the bin icon to remove the user code completely.

How do I arm my Morepork panel?

The smartphone and tablet app let you monitor your Morepork on the go. Arm it, disarm it and receive an alert if a sensor is triggered.

Morepork has two arming states:

  • Arm (Away) is for when you’re out. All your sensors are armed, including image and motion sensors.
  • Arm (Stay) is for when you’re home at night, but still want the alarm on. Your door & window sensors are activated, but all your other Morepork sensors will be disabled so you can move around inside.

If a sensor is triggered while your Morepork is armed, the siren in the control panel will sound. If a sensor is triggered while your Morepork is disarmed, you can get notified depending on the alerts you have set up.

To arm your Morepork:

  1. Login to the Morepork app using your username/email address you set up at purchase
  2. On the home screen, tap the padlock icon
    1. If you tick ‘Silent Arming‘ there’ll be no voice prompt or countdown chime from the control panel
    2. If you tick ‘No Entry Delay’, the alarm will sound as soon as a sensor is triggered. You’ll need to disarm from the app before you open the door. If you leave it un ticked, there’ll be a delay of several seconds after you open the door to give you time to disarm
  3. To arm your Morepork, choose between Arm (Stay) and Arm (Away)
  4. While your Morepork is arming, the icon will flash. When it stops flashing, your Morepork is armed.

To change between Arm (Stay) and Arm (Away) you need to tap Disarm first.

Helpful Hints

  • You can also arm and disarm your Morepork from the control panel by tapping the padlock icon on the home screen and entering you user code.
  • The Morepork smoke alarm is always active, even if your Morepork isn’t armed. This means the siren on the smoke alarm and your control panel will sound and you will get an alert notification.
  • Morepork can also be armed and disarmed from the home page of the web portal. Visit the web portal here.
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How do I change the name of my Morepork?

You can change the name of your system so it’s easier to identify – especially if you have multiple Moreporks.

To do this:

  1. Login to using the email address and password you set up at purchase
  2. Click ‘Settings’ in the menu on the left
  3. Click ‘Account Management
  4. Change the ‘System Name’, then click ‘Update

It may take a minute or two to update, and you may need to refresh your web portal / app.