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How do I create a scheduled arming reminder alert?

How do I create a scheduled arming reminder alert?Did you lock your front door this morning? Did you arm your Morepork?
Avoid those #Oh????! moments that we get ever too often. You’ll never have to doubt yourself again with Morepork reminders set up.A reminder can be based on your schedule or location (see here for location based reminders), ensuring that you always keep your home safe and secure. Here’s how to set up reminders that let you know if you forget, and enables you to secure your home remotely with a few taps of the app.

Create a new notification:

  1. Login to the web portal and go to the ‘Notifications‘ tab. Click the ‘New Notification‘ button.
  2. Choose notification type – In this example, we’ll set up an Arming Reminder, which lets you know if you leave home without arming your Morepork.
  3. Set your notification time, days and recipients.
    • Use a time shortly after the last person typically leaves your house. If your Morepork isn’t armed by this time, you’ll get an alert. If you have Geo-Services set up, you have the option of triggering the alert when your phone leaves your home’s geo-fence.
    • Choose the days of the week when you want this notification to work. For example Monday-Friday, when you’re not sleeping in during the weekend.
    • Click the ‘Add Recipient‘ button and choose whose smartphone you want the alert to go to.

4. Make sure you click ‘Save Notification‘ when you’re done.

5. To be able to receive these notifications on your phone you will have to make sure push notifications are turned on in the app. For more information on how to do this click here.

How do I set up rules and schedules for my smart lights and switches?

You can set up a number of customised rules and schedules for your smart light bulbs, smart switches and/or LED light strips to suit you. For example, you can set your lights to turn on or off when your Morepork is armed or disarmed, or even when the alarm is triggered. You can set your smart switch to turn on or off when certain people cross a geo fence, or when certain sensors are triggered.

To set up rules:

  1. Visit and login using your username and password
  2. Click the ‘Automation’ page and click ‘Rules
  3. On the right hand side of the screen, click the ‘+Add a Rule‘ button
  4. From that drop down list, click ‘Event-triggered Rule
  5. You will see multiple options on this screen, to automate your lights, locks or security system, based on alarms, arming events, sensor activity and even geo-location.
  6. Make sure you click the ‘Save‘ button when you’re done

You can automate schedules to turn your smart lights and switches on or off at certain times of day, on certain days. For examples, you can set your porch light to turn on at sundown every day, so it’s light when you get home.

To set up schedules:

  1. Visit and login using your username and password
  2. Click the ‘Automation’ page and click ‘Schedules
  3. On the right hand side of the screen, click the ‘New Schedules‘ button
  4. You will see multiple options on this screen, to turn your lights on or off, at certain times of the day, on certain days.
  5. Make sure you click the ‘Save‘ button when you’re done.

Things to note:

  • Your switch will display as a light – the above rules and schedules will work for your switch, you just need to select the light option
  • You will be able to choose the colour of the light bulb when setting the rule or schedule. You can choose different colours for different rules or schedules as well.

How many devices can I connect to my Morepork?

The maximum number of devices your Morepork can connect to at any one time is:
Radio sensors:

  • Up to 39 door & window and motion sensors combined
  • Up to 20 smoke alarms
  • Up to 3 image sensors

Video Cameras:

  • Up to 4 video cameras – this includes indoor, outdoor and video doorbell cameras

Z-Wave devices:

  • Up to 30 smart bulbs and smart switches combined – this includes ‘works with Morepork’ switches and lights
  • Up to 6 smart locks
  • Up to 5 other devices – this includes Z-Wave range extenders. Any other Z-Wave devices you pair to your Morepork will also count toward these limits

Activity monitoring:
Your Morepork is setup to have sensor activity monitoring for up to 50 sensors. This means you can see when specific door & window sensors are open or closed, and when image and motion sensors detect activity, even when the system is disarmed.

Devices included in your monitoring limit are:

  • Door & window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Image sensors

If you have more than 50 sensors (door & window sensors, image sensors and motion sensors) and/or your activity monitoring is turned off for any sensors, they will still trigger your alarm, but you will be unable to see their status (i.e. open, closed, idle or activated).
You will also be unable to set up alerts for these sensors, such as letting you know when a door is left open.

You can choose which sensors are monitored via the web portal, you just need to tick the ‘Activity Monitoring‘ box and save any changes.

Devices not included in your monitoring limit are:

  • Video cameras (including indoor, outdoor and video doorbell)
  • Smoke alarms
  • Any Z-Wave devices (such as a door locks, smart lights and switches)

How do I group my Z-wave devices?

You can create groups for your lights and switches, so you can turn a group on/off in one click, rather than individually.
Remember – your smart switches will display as lights.

To do this:

  1. ​Visit and login using your username and password
  2. Click on ‘Lights’ from your home page
  3. On the right hand side click the ‘Manage Groups‘ button and click on ‘+ New Group’ in the box that appears
  4. Give the group a name, then click in the check boxes to add lights to the group
  5. Once you have selected all of the lights and/or switches you would like in the group click outside of the box or the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the box and the group will be saved
  6. The new group will now be listed on the ‘Lights’ page and you can choose to turn all of the group’s lights/switches on and off from there

You can edit the group name and devices included any time by clicking ‘Manage Groups‘. This is also how you can delete a group.

What is the Morepork app and how does it work?

The Morepork app is the remote control for your Morepork, allowing you to keep an eye on the things you love when you are away from home. You can arm and disarm your Morepork, receive an alert if a sensor is triggered and see a photo of what tripped the sensor or ‘peek in’ via the video camera or image sensor at any time.

You can download the Morepork app from your usual Google Play or Apple app store. The Morepork app requires on iOS 8.0 or later for Apple, and OS 4.0.3 or later for Android. If you have a Windows phone, you can download the app from the Windows store. You may not get all the functionality the Morepork app offers, but will be able to arm/disarm, peek-in and view video footage. When you use the Morepork app your device will be using your mobile or WiFi data plan. The charges for your device’s mobile data or WiFi connection are not included in your Morepork monitoring plan.

The great features of the app include:

  • Arm and disarm your Morepork from anywhere
  • See if your security system is armed at a glance
  • Check if doors and windows are open
  • Share access to the app with others in your home
  • Receive alerts about what is happening at home
  • Peek in on your home via photos and videos

There are several other ways to use the app, including:

  • Get smoke alarm alerts straight to your phone
  • Set reminders based on location of your phone
  • Receive notifications when your child is home safe from school
  • Set up scenes to control multiple Morepork components with the touch of a button
  • Keep track on who is coming and going – housekeepers, babysitters etc

How do I create an arming reminder based on my location?

Geo location reminders are based on the location of your smartphone. You can set up geo-fences so when your smartphone passes through them, it can trigger rules and alerts.
For example you can set up an alert to tell you if your door is unlocked when you are a set distance from home or on your way to work.

How to set up your first Geo location reminder:

  1. Enable Geo services on your smartphone
    1. Go to the menu in your Morepork app. Tap ‘Geo Services‘, turn the feature on, and confirm that Morepork can use your phone’s location. This may take a few minutes to update.
  2. Create your geo-fences
    1. Login to the web portal on your desktop or laptop.
    2. Click the ‘Settings‘ tab and you’ll see the Geo-Services option.
    3. Click on this and you’ll see the Geo-Services screen.
      • The orange circle on the map is a geo-fence. Think of it as a protective dome, when your smartphone crosses the geo-fence, the switch is flipped. You’ll see that your first geo-fence ‘Home‘ has automatically been created for you based on the installation address you used at purchase.
      • If you need to update this, click ‘Home‘ on the right and type in your address (make sure you include suburb, city and post code).
      • You can specify the size of your geo-fence by simply dragging the tabs on the fence, or if you prefer you can specify the radius in the field on the right hand side. You can make the geo-fence as small as 1.5km, or as large as you want.
    4. Make sure you click ‘Save‘ when you’re done, and your home geo-fence is good to go.
    5. You can set up several different geo-fences for different rules and devices. For example, some Morepork users create geo-fences around their workplaces as well.
      Click ‘Add a Fence‘ to get started.
  3. Set up your Geo-Services alerts
    1. Choose the type of alert or rule you’d like to create from the menu on the right. What options you see here will depend on what components are connected to your Morepork. We’re going to create a simple Arming Reminder; a smartphone alert that lets you know if you leave home without arming your Morepork.
    2. You’ll find yourself on the ‘Notifications‘ page, where the first step is to name your reminder. We’re calling ours ‘Forgot to Arm Morepork‘.
    3. Specify the times that you want your alert in effect. In our example we have limited the alert to weekday mornings, 7:30am-9:30am.
    4. Click ‘Add Recipient‘ to link the alert with your smartphone, which you enabled in Step 1 above.
    5. Click ‘Save‘ to set up the reminder.

To be able to receive these notifications on your phone you will have to make sure push notifications are turned on in the app. For more information on how to do this click here.

How do I set up push notifications?

You can view, add and remove alerts via the Morepork app and web portal. We’ve set up a few important ones to get you started, but you can change these anytime.

You can receive an alert whenever someone arms or disarms your Morepork, or if you forgot to arm it when you left the house. You can be notified if doors, windows or the freezer are left open, when cupboards or cabinets are opened, or if someone hasn’t come home by a certain time.
For each alert, you can decide who gets it and whether they receive it by email or push notification (via the app).

Use the Morepork app to set up alerts:

  1. In the Morepork app, go to the main menu (the three lines in the top left corner) and tap ‘Notifications
  2. Tap the toggle button to turn on push notifications. When the button is blue it means push notifications are on
  3. Tap ‘Manage Notifications’ to edit your alerts
  4. Here you will see a list of the alerts you already have set up. A green dot means the alert is on, a grey dot means the alert is off
  5. Select the alert you want to edit, for example ‘Alarm Events’. For each alert, there are settings you can choose to decide what you’re notified about
  6. At the bottom of the screen, tap ‘Add Recipients’ and decide who you want to receive this alert. To add an existing contact as a recipient, tap to select them from the list. If the contact is highlighted and ticked, it means they’re set to receive this alert
  7. Too add a new contact, tap the ‘Add Contact’ button on the top right of the screen and enter the new contact’s details.

Helpful Hints:

  • If your phone updates or you upgrade to a newer model, you will need to follow the above steps and enable push notifications for the new/upgraded device.
  • You can add new alerts in the Morepork app by tapping ‘Add’ on the ‘Manage Notifications’ screen and following the steps.
  • ​You can also manage your alerts in the web portal. Go to the ‘Notifications’ tab and click the edit icon for each alert, or click ‘New Notification’. There are a few alert options in the web portal that aren’t available through the app.

What happens if there is a false alarm?

A false alarm is easy to deal with through Morepork, because you can arm and disarm it remotely. You’ll get an alert as soon as the alarm is triggered, and you can view photos and video clips to make sure it is a false alarm.

  • If you’re on our Self Monitored plan, you might want to add a trusted neighbour as a login or user, in case you’re ever unavailable to deal with it yourself.
  • ​If you are on our Professional Response plan, you can also grant the Professional Response Team access to your photos and videos during an alarm event, in case you are unavailable. Make sure you’ve allowed access in your action plan and updated your portal settings.

If you accidentally trigger your alarm and disarm it within 30 seconds, your Morepork will report a ‘Pending Alarm’. Pending alarms do not contact the Professional Response Team, so not to worry, no action will be taken.

If a guard is sent due to a false alarm you will be charged, so be careful when selecting your action plan and ensure the information you provide is correct so that someone can be contacted in an alarm event.

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