NevaAlone Personal Help Button

At ADT our aim is to keep you and your family active and enjoying the freedom of living life independently without compromising security and well being. If you have a medical condition, or live by yourself, a NevaAlone Personal Help Button is your ticket to a safer, more independent lifestyle.

Our service allows people the choice of being cared for in their own homes 24/7 when someone cannot be there in person. Our Nevalone Personal Alarm is Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and Work and Income (WINZ) accredited. Speak with an ADT representative or your General Practitioner to learn whether you qualify for funding..

Installing your NevaAlone

Our NevaAlone team will provide you with a free in-home installation and set-up.  We will also provide you with an overview of how the service works. Alternatively, if you wish to set up your NevaAlone device personally, the unit comes with an installation guide.  Speak to one of our representatives to learn more.

How to use your NevaAlone

If you experience any emergency in or around the home, you can call for help using your personal alarm by either:

  • Pressing the HELP (red) button on the medical unit
  • Pressing the HELP (grey) button on your Wristwatch / Pendant for 2 seconds.

The HELP (red) button will now flash slowly indicating the unit has called for help.

Get peace of mind today knowing ADT Security is there at the push of a button. For more information on our NevaAlone alarm please fill in your details and an ADT consultant will contact you.

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