Small Business Security Solutions

Small to medium businesses after often picked as targets for theft, vandalism, and other types of criminal activities. They are chosen as easy targets, because so many have lacklustre security systems, especially compared to larger businesses. State of the art business security systems protect your premises using a combination of devices from alarm systems, access control, cameras, and professional monitoring, allowing both customers and employees to feel safe.

ADT knows the best commercial security systems will take security pressures away so you can focus on what matters: Your bottom line.

Security Patrols

Alarm Systems

A major component of your security system setup, properly configured alarm systems will give immediate warning of troublemakers and be smart enough not to trigger on false alarms. ADT business alarm systems use multiple devices professionally installed in just the right spot to provide maximum coverage of your business. They can be enabled and disabled easily, either remotely through the ADT Mobile App or on-premises at the control panel.

With a monitoring service, there is a 24/7 team of security experts standing by to take appropriate action as soon as your alarm is triggered. They can contact you and any chosen emergency contacts or appropriate authorities and send out an ADT mobile patrol response team.

Contact us today to start building the perfect business security system for your needs. Start with a free on-premises security assessment to audit the layout of your business. Learn more about our Small Business Installation process or contact us for a quote.

CCTV Security Systems

No small business security system is complete without CCTV security cameras. Combine an alarm system with indoor and outdoor cameras to make sure nothing goes unseen. Using the mobile app, you can even review CCTV footage live or access recorded footage to get video verification of any events.

ADT CCTV cameras come with a variety of features to give maximum security to small businesses, like motion activation, high resolutions, and backup features that let them continue recording for a time even after losing connection to the recorder.

The deterrence value of this security solution cannot be understated, just the presence of CCTV cameras can deter potential criminals from attempting to break into your business or commit other types of crimes on your premises.

Security Patrols
Security Patrols

24/7 Professional Monitoring

As the world’s largest and most experienced monitoring security business, ADT has narrowed down the best ways to provide New Zealand businesses with the extra layer of protection and peace of mind they deserve with 24/7 security monitoring. Operate comfortably knowing that in addition to having the best security system, there are professionals on standby ready to act as soon as any alarms are triggered, whether for a break in or from other systems such as fire alarms.

Professional Installation Process

As with our home security systems, our small business security solutions are prepared by experts in the field. We provide a free on-premises security assessment, talk with you about your specific needs, and compile a list of video surveillance and alarm equipment to match the requirements of your specific business.

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Small Business Security FAQ

What are the best business security systems?
The best business security system will utilise all the tools available to create a comprehensive network of security around your premises, without being a hassle that interferes with everyday operations. The flexibility of ADT security systems allows them to create a unique setup for each client, while the functionality of the ADT app allows press of a button control. It even includes permissions and multi-location functionalities so branch managers can have ease of access over their own system.
What do businesses use for security?
Small business security systems should use a variety of security measures to protect their customers, employees, and premises. The most common ones include CCTV, alarm systems, access control or smart locks, cybersecurity solutions, and environmental monitoring tools such as fire protection.

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