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Plan ahead to keep your family safe during school holidays

Winter is a busy period for New Zealand families.

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With long weekends in June for the King’s Birthday and Matariki, and two weeks of school holidays in July, many parents are already busy making arrangements – whether that’s booking a family getaway, researching local activities or simply keeping the children safe and entertained whilst you’re at work.

Whatever your plans during this time, the change in routine will have implications for your home security. Now, however, is the perfect time to get organised and plan ahead, so that when the holidays do roll around you know your home and loved ones will be well looked after. One of the easiest ways to keep your home secure is with our Interactive Security system. By combining our home security systems and back-to-base monitoring with the latest in-home automation, ADT’s Interactive Security connects the key systems in your home on one platform so that they work more intelligently together. If you forget to turn the alarm on before you go away, for example, you can easily do it from your phone or laptop- wherever you are in the world. Alternatively, if a friend or neighbour is popping over to bring your mail in or feed the cat, you can disarm the alarm for them and turn it back on when they leave.

Interactive security is also invaluable when you’re away on holiday as it allows you to turn lamps and other household appliances on remotely. This will give the appearance that someone is at home and deter any opportunistic burglars. Moreover, if you choose to add an ADT Interactive Security camera to your home, you will be able to log on at any time, from anywhere, and view a live feed of your home. You can also have video clips sent directly to your smart device whenever the front door opens, the alarm goes off or motion is detected, enabling you to see exactly what triggered the alarm.

Even if you’re not planning to go away for the holidays, you will need to think about home security – particularly if older kids will be at home by themselves while you’re in the office. Again, with ADT’s live streaming cameras you can check in on them at any time and even secure the home if they forget to switch the alarm on when they head out. With our monitoring centre operating 24/7 365 days a year, this just adds another layer of protection and safety. If the alarm is triggered whilst you’re at work or away, ADT will immediately get in touch with you, or your nominated contact and you can also opt to have a patrol car sent to your home to investigate.

So why not give us a call today for a free quote? Our specialists can then visit your home, assess your security needs and install one of our professional, monitored alarm systems – all in time for a safe and happy holiday.


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