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If I don't set up anything in the Morepork portal, will I still get alerts?

No, alerts will only be sent based on the preferences you set up in the Morepork portal. Click login button above, and use your Morepork Video username and password to set up your preferences.

How can I get help with setup and installation of my Morepork video devices?

Help to setup found in our installation guide.

How is my privacy ensured?

As the Morepork Video account owner you can see all cameras associated with the account and you can create additional logins for the account and assign permissions to see the cameras as required.

The cameras employ password protection to prevent access from outside the Morepork app and website, with the cameras employing advanced MD5-based “digest authentication” for user authentication.

Does Morepork Video require WiFi (Wireless Internet) and/or power?

All Morepork video devices require working WiFi connections and power.

Are Morepork video devices HD?

Yes, all 3 Morepork video cameras are 720p HD (HD Outdoor video camera, HD Indoor video camera and Video doorbell).

Do all the cameras have to be located at the same property?

No video devices on one Morepork Video account can be located at different locations, all they require is a WiFi connection.

Is there is restriction to the number of clips I can upload every month?

Yes, your Morepork Video monitoring plan includes 1,000 video clip uploads over a 60 day period, these are shared across all of your video cameras. Once you’ve reached this limit, the oldest clips will be overwritten, unless you have protected them.

Is this a security system?

No, Morepork Video is not a security or alarm system, but you can be notified of unexpected movement. For a security system, we recommend you look at the Morepork Security Starter Kit and self-monitoring plan.

How does Morepork Video work?

Morepork video devices connect to your home WiFi network and can send real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when motion is detected. Using the Morepork App (which is available for Apple & Android devices), you can see an HD Video stream of what is happening, record clips, and speak to them using two-way audio communication via the Video doorbell.

What's the difference between Morepork & Morepork Video?

Morepork Video is a video monitoring plan that requires Morepork video devices and a video plan ($9.95 p/m). Morepork is a home automation and home security plan that requires Morepork security starter kit and a self-monitoring plan ($39.95).

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