ADT FindU Platform Guide

ADT's self help desk allows you to troubleshoot your alarm system. Find out how to use your ADT FindU Platform, different features and controls.

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What are the workers roles on the ADT FindU Platform?

Operations ManagerAccess to all settings, users, and configuration components
AdminConfigure parts of the FindU Platform but do not have access to Users or User data
Manager of WorkersView Workers assigned to their Team(s) – run reports-send messages
WorkersHave no access to the Platform. Workers can only use the App

How do I log into the Platform as an Admin user?

You can only access the platform if you have been assigned an administrative role by your organisation – roles include Operations Manager / Admin / Manager of Workers. You will have registered your Username (email) and password.

How can I elevate my permissions in the FindU Platform?

Please contact your organisation’s administrator or support desk.

I have forgotten my Platform App password, how do I reset it?

From the Platform Log in page, enter your email address and select “Forgot Password".

Can I use our organisation’s normal user network log in?

No. This Single Sign-in feature is not currently available.