ADT FindU enables business to uniquely and efficiently manage, locate, connect, communicate and protect their
workers whilst driving workforce performance.

Enhancement to the platform is provided through smart mobility and wearable technology, providing critical data points to optimise decision making.

ADT FindU is unrivalled in terms of collective capabilities and is successfully deployed across many industry verticals having been proven to provide outstanding results in the performance and protection of workers.

Crisis Management Contact Tracing

ADT FindU provides a real, industry leading and out-of-the-box capability to manage within a contact tracing regime


  • Dynamic, rich, real-time and multi-method (in app notifications, SMS or email) communications to end users
  • Geolocation/zones (eg. COVID-19 risk zones) with automated alerts and notifications to users and management
  • Real-time and retrospective contact tracing through identification of individuals who have entered known COVID-19 locations or clusters
  • Isolation management and alerting for breach, risk based with higher accuracy and lower cost
  • Close contact identification and history using beacons
  • Auditable notifications and communications
  • Wellness, safety, status and self-configurable checks/surveys to all staff, instantly and helping deliver compliance
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Significant speed enhancements (faster targeting, rule-in and rule-out) and cost reductions (less people required) in the contact tracing process

ADT FindU – Platform

A powerful enterprise level platform provides real time visibility of all workers location.


  • Visual Metrics and Notifications
  • Manage and View People Anywhere
  • Instant Alerts / Escalations
  • Defined Safe / Exclusion Zones
  • Configurable Profiles
  • Individual and Team Messaging
  • Business Rules to Create Profiles
  • Event / Incident Management


Make sure your people are truly okay. Locate and identify your people, anywhere, anytime, any place and give them the security and response they need.

  • See your staff at all times, instantly
  • Confirm staff are in safe zones or away from danger
  • Respond to duress with accurate GPS locations
  • Identify workers in close proximity to form teams, complete tasks or render assistance
  • Accurate and auditable detail of staff movements
  • Identify staff that may have been exposed to risk (eg. COVID-19), including retrospectively


Connect with whoever, whenever, wherever. Let your teams and people communicate and collaborate securely. Give them the visibility they need to stay connected, no matter what.


  • Send bulk notifications, alerts and updates to your staff, whether individually, or teams, or all staff
  • Obtain real-time intelligence from the field
  • Auditable acknowledgement of messages sent to staff, including the ability to survey and ask questions, particularly at start-up
  • Dynamic and immediate communications, direct from the desktop to the remote worker. Can send messages in app, via SMS or by call (including IP calls)


Give your people peace of mind, and be there when they need you, instantly. Whether it be a collision, a fall, a dangerous situation, or just checking in, your people are never alone


  • Immediate duress alerts and alarms to internal or external emergency response teams (ERT)
  • Identification of abnormal biometrics (wearable) and activity levels
  • ADT FindU delivers real and quantifiable improvements in driving behaviour, reducing risk of accidents through identification and management of risky driving behaviour such as speeding, hard cornering, hard acceleration, hard braking and use of mobile
  • Meet or exceed all regulatory and legislative obligations on Boards, CXOs, Managers and Leaders
  • Detect falls, detect collisions, provide simple (and discrete if required) methods to raise alerts and be responded to instantly

Driver Behaviour & Reporting

ADT FindU detects vehicular motion and distracted driver events on the ADT FindU Users phone.

ADT FindU delivers:

  • Notifications around hard turning, hard braking, heavy acceleration and speeding
  • Collision detection with automatic alert raised Insights on distracted driver events such as mobile phone use whilst driving

ADT FindU provides drivers with unprecedented feedback to help drivers understand key driving behaviour trends and insights.

ADT FindU now provides individualised feedback to drivers that helps them better understand their driving behaviour over time and their performance relative to a benchmark category (e.g. their team or company). In future, ADT FindU will provide insights to drivers on how they can improve their driving (driver tips).

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