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7 tips to prevent parcel theft

Many New Zealand households have adopted online shopping as their preferred purchase method, largely due to the convenience of crowd-free browsing and home delivery. It is particularly popular during special shopping events such as Black Friday, Amazon Day, Click Frenzy and in the lead up to Christmas. However, despite the many advantages of online shopping, doorstep parcel theft is a prominent risk if there is no one home to accept the delivery.

Jan 23, 2024
Someone's visible hands taking a parcel on the floor

According to NZ Post’s eCommerce Spotlight report, in 2021 New Zealand saw a 52 per cent growth in online spending compared to 2019, as more people embraced the safety and ease of online shopping. The report also showed in the last quarter (Q4) of 2021 New Zealanders spent $2.5 billion online. As more retailers enhance their e-commerce channels to make shopping easier, the number of online purchases will continue to rise, resulting in even more parcel deliveries. This also increases the likelihood of parcel theft from porch pirates.

ADT’s package theft solutions

For those concerned about parcel theft there are several security solutions available that can help minimise the risk. For example, an ADT Automated Home Security System features remote access and live streaming cameras that monitor, protect and automate the home.

This ADT security system can be controlled through the ADT mobile app, allowing users to check in and view a live video feed of their home 24/7, set movement trackers and geo fence zones that send users a notification when motion is detected, and automated devices can be added to control lights and other appliances which can help give the illusion that someone is home, thereby deterring porch pirates.

With the peak shopping season around the corner, here are a few helpful tips to minimise the risk of parcel theft and ensure your online delivery ends up safely in your hands.

  1. Consider installing an ADT Wi-Fi camera outside the front door and place an ADT security sticker prominently on the window. This communicates to a potential thief that your home is professionally monitored and can act as a deterrent.
  2. Check your online delivery regularly through the courier’s tracking system. Take note of when the delivery should be expected and don’t be afraid to contact the courier directly to confirm their projected delivery time.
  3. Prepare for delivery day. Try and be home to collect your parcel; however, if you can’t be there, ask the courier to hold it at their facility until you can pick it up or have the parcel redirected to the post office.
  4. Don’t waste the ‘instructions’ window when finalising an online order. Take the time to include detailed delivery instructions that specify a safe place on your property where the parcel can be left unattended.
  5. Arrange for a signature confirmation or identity verification with the courier when choosing the delivery option. This ensures that only you can accept the parcel, or it will be taken to the local post office.
  6. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to accept delivery. Add their details to the delivery instructions with the correct name and address so they can accept your parcel on your behalf.
  7. Invest in a lockbox or parcel container. These can be positioned somewhere safe around your home and can be specified as the delivery point when making an online order.

For more information about our home security technology including video analytics, visit our website or call us on 0800 111 238 for further advice from our team of licensed professionals.



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