Privacy Policy


ADT Security Limited (16540), respects the privacy of individuals. ADT  has developed a privacy policy, which embodies the InformationPrivacy Principles.

Collection of Information

ADT collects the personal information it needs to provide the productsand services it offers. ADT also collects personal information about its customers andsuppliers, or employees or officers of its customers and suppliers, so that itcan complete business transactions, purchase or deliver products and services,administer accounts, provide customer support and meet regulatory requirements.ADT may also use this personal information to deliver information aboutits business and promotional material about its products and services to itscustomers and suppliers.

Web Site Data Collection Practices

·  Indirectlyinformation is collected about any visitor to this site including IP Address,browser type, geographic location and domain name in which the visitor entersthe site from.

·  Through the web siteusers are offered the opportunity to receive sales or promotional information.Users must fill in an appropriate lead form and confirm they wish to receivethis information. Contact information (e.g., name, mail/email address,telephone and fax number) will be collected.

Use and Disclosure

ADT will generally use and disclose information it holds about anindividual for the purpose for which it was collected and for other relatedpurposes for which the individual would reasonably expect it to use the informationor to which the individual has agreed. That agreement might be written, verbalor implied from the conduct of the individual.

If ADT engages anyone to do something on its behalf (for example,mailing houses, suppliers of internet support services, auditors, debtcollection agencies, process servers or lawyers]) then ADT and the serviceprovider may exchange information for the purposes for which the serviceprovider has been engaged.We also use personal information for planning, product development andresearch purposes.

ADT shares personal information with its related companies both in andoutside New Zealand.

ADT Security may also use or disclose information where it is requiredor permitted by law to do so or where the use or disclosure is in the publicinterest.

Direct Marketing

From time to time, we may use your personal information to inform youabout our products and services including special offers.If you do not wish to receive this information, just let us know bycontacting the ADT Customer Service Centre on 0800 111 238.Once you let us know that you no longer wish to receive thisinformation, we will endeavor to stop sending information to you.  You canchange your mind about receiving information about our products and services atany time.  Just let us know by phoning the above number.ADT does not disclose your information to organisations outside ADT andits related companies for the purposes of allowing them to direct market theirproducts to you.

If the law requires us to provide you with information about ourproducts or services, we will provide that information to you even if you haveelected not to receive information about our products and services generally.

Ensuring Your Personal Information is up to date

We rely on the personal information we hold about you in conducting ourbusiness.  Therefore, it is important that the information we hold aboutyou is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold aboutyou is accurate complete and up-to-date whenever we collect or use it. This means that from time to time, we will ask you to tell us if there are anychanges to your personal information. If you find that information we holdabout you is incorrect, please contact us immediately and we will correct it.

Security of Your Personal Information

The security of your information is important to ADT and we takereasonable precautions to protect your information from misuse, loss,unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Some of the ways we protect your information include:

·  External andinternal premises security.·  Restricting accessto personal information to staff who need it to perform their day-to-dayfunctions.·  Maintainingtechnology products to prevent unauthorised computer access includingidentifiers and passwords.·  Maintainingphysical security over paper records.

Access and Correction

Generally ADT allows individuals access to the information it holdsabout them as soon as reasonably practical after they have made a request foraccess.  In some instances ADT will refuse to give an individual access toinformation.  If it does so it will provide that individual with thereason it has refused access.ADT will correct information it has about an individual if it discovers,or the individual is able to show, the information is incorrect.  If anindividual seeks a correction and ADT disagrees that the information isincorrect ADT will provide the individual with its reasons for taking that viewand will attach a statement to the information advising that the individualconsiders the relevant part of the information to be incorrect.ADT may charge a fee for informing an individual what information it hasabout them.  This fee will be charged to cover ADT’s reasonable costs inlocating and supplying the information.

Updates to ADT's Data Protection Practices for the Internet

ADT will from time to time review and revise its Internet practices andcommunicate any updates on its website. Minor changes may be made at anytimewithout notice. If we make a major change in the way that we use, disclose orprotect internet registration information, we will highlight the change.

Additional Information

Individuals who would like more information about ADT’s approach toprivacy, or would like to find out what information we hold about them, areencouraged to contact our Privacy Officer, who is:

Craig Glazier

Location:  Unit 38, 38-46 South st, Rydalmere, Australia
Telephone: +61 2 9947 7756