Access control upgrade for Auckland Airport

MEDIA RELEASEMARCH 2013Access control upgrade for Auckland AirportX March 2013: ADT Security has been selected to upgrade the access control securitysystem at Auckland Airport.

Auckland Airport is one of Australasia’s busiest airports and facilitates more than 14 millionpassenger movements each year. As part of the contract, ADT Security will install theinnovative CEM AC2000 AE access control system at the airport’s domestic andinternational terminals, ancillary buildings and car parks. Once installed, the ADT Securityteam will be responsible for maintaining and servicing the access control system for theduration of the contract.

“Security is a crucial part of airport management and the solution offered by ADT Securitywill provide an outstanding level of security for staff, passengers and the public,” said AnilVarma from Auckland Airport. “The CEM AC2000 AE is a proven security managementsystem and is in use in major airports throughout the world. With the upgrade to this newsystem, careful planning and preparation is vital so as not to compromise airport security atany time.

We are confident that the ADT Security team has the experience and technicalexpertise to achieve this.

”The sophisticated AC2000 AE is the industry’s only airport-specific access control systemand is one of the most reliable and resilient airport security solutions. Its flexibility meansthat the system can be customised to meet the specific needs of each airport and integratedwith external security systems such as network video systems. The AC2000 AEincorporates a host of aviation specific features including check-in desk enabling, passengermode and air-bridge monitoring. The access card technology has one of the highest levelsof encryption technology, protecting the airport against cloning and illegal copying.

The use of CEM portable card readers was central to the security upgrade at AucklandAirport. These readers enable on-site airport security staff to validate cards at remote sitesor areas with no mains power supply and they can also be used as mobile devices forrandom checks in emergency evacuations. The readers offer the flexibility of setting up controlled access points instantly, without having to physically commission a fixed accesscontrolled door.David Tombs, National Manager - Commercial, ADT Security New Zealand said,

“The CEMAC2000 system is in use in major international airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Dubaiand Hong Kong and will ensure a high level of security at Auckland Airport. Our team willwork to complete the project with minimum disruption to airport operations and the portablereaders will enable us to manage the system switchover without any loss of access integrity.By using existing cabling at the airport to complete the installation, our team will also helpkeep the project cost effective and on time.”

ADT Security is part of Tyco International.