New Zealand’s consistently rated as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. It’s why we love it here. We feel free to get out and enjoy everything this beautiful place has to offer. But that doesn’t mean you and your family should be lulled into a false sense of security or take unnecessary risks. Because from time-to-time, bad things do happen to good people. 

The statistics are sobering. In 2014* in New Zealand there were:

  • 39,944 acts intended to cause injury
  • 4,056 sexual assault and related offences
  • 15,024 abduction, harassment and other offences against the person.

*New Zealand recorded crime statistics for years ending 31 December 2014, by Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC) category.

ADT FindU Brochure

Personal Use

Unique to ADT, New Zealand’s largest electronic security provider, FindU turns your family’s smartphones into personal security devices. This cloud-based platform has over 4 million downloads in over 90 countries. It works on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone platforms.  

Unlike most other personal security devices, FindU is directly integrated into ADT Security’s 24/7 professional response centre. So within cellular coverage, if you need help we’ll find you, alert your emergency contacts and dispatch a security patrol officer, or advise emergency services.

For your family

  • Keep an eye on your children while they’re travelling to and from school with ‘Journey’ feature. 
  • Teens can get help quickly while out with friends.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers are automatically contacted by both SMS and email if an emergency is activated.

For fitness enthusiasts

  • Heading out for a run or cycle? Journey keeps you safe whilst moving between two points.
  • ‘Man Down’ feature will detect when you’ve fallen or stopped moving and notify ADT Security and your emergency contacts.

For fishermen and boaties

  • Stay safe with ADT FindU ‘Journey’ feature whilst moving between your favourite fishing or anchoring spots.
  • Immediately notify your contacts if an emergency occurs.
  • ADT FindU helps to provides extra protection by locating users in an emergency - assisting emergency services or Coastguard.

For stalking and domestic violence victims

  • With three alert profiles - Personal Alert, Stealth Alarm and Deterrent Alarm - you can raise any type of alert based on the situation.    
  • ‘Soft Alert’ feature allows you to get help simply by pressing the volume key on your phone (not available on all operating systems).
  • Heading to a potentially hostile area where safety could be compromised? Use the ‘Meeting’ feature.

How it Works

Step 1:

Activate the ADT FindU application before you begin a task, or enter a high risk area. ADT FindU will run even when the device is screen locked.

Step 2:

In the event of an emergency, either swipe or shake the device until the alarm is activated. Continue to shake to sound an alarm, and activate strobe light.

Step 3:

An alert has been activated. ADT has been notified and the emergency recording features have been activated.

Step 4:

The ADT monitoring operator receives the emergency alert (GPS location and alarm type), then follows agreed procedures.

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