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What is Fire Monitoring?

ADT’s purpose-built Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) is installed and connected to a fire system(s), communicating over dedicated mobile wireless networks. In the event of fire, the ASE sends a signal via the mobile networks to ADT’s central fire monitoring centre and then to the Fire Services. Once an alarm is triggered, the local fire services will automatically attend your premises without the need to call emergency services.

How does ADT Fire Monitoring work?

Get your site connected to ADT Fire Monitoring

Call ADT fire monitoring to connect your fire panel/s sprinkler system to ensure compliance with building codes*. (Fire alarm systems should be signed off by an independent inspector)

How it works

When your fire alarm activates, an alert is sent by the Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) via multiple high-speed cellular networks to the ADT Fire monitoring centers. The data is presented to the fire services for instant response. The sites service company and keyholders are notified automatically by SMS or an Email. By prior arrangement our 24/7 monitoring team can also phone nominated contacts. Your fire service agent will automatically be notified of any fault reported on your fire systems.

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ADT Select

ADT Select is a service that provides easy access to information that is important to you or your business. Our web portal allows you to quickly review your monitoring activity online, anytime, remotely.

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