Sensormatic Security Label Deactivators

Sensormatic deactivators are ergonomic and easy to use and designed to help retailers maximise cashier efficiency for faster checkout lane throughput. Our innovative detect and deactivate intelligent software enhances productivity while integrated solutions to meet every dimension of a retailers check-out self service environments and match bi-planer scanning speeds. These errors are the main reason for false alarms that can both cause customer embarrassment and disrupt checkouts while store personnel intervene.

Powered or non-powered, our deactivators are available in two basic styles: (1) distance, which emits a field that will deactivate labels at various heights above the unitís surface, for discreet deactivation; and (2) contact, which requires the label to touch the deactivator pad surface.


ScanMax® Pro Family

Sensormatic deactivators are available in two basic styles: distance and contact. Distance deactivators emit a field that will deactivate labels several inches above the surface of the unit. Contact deactivators require the label to make contact with the surface of the pad.


Other Deactivators and Activators

Sensormatic offers a wide variety of Deactivator and Activator accessories and product applications.